Custom decal printing is not an easy task; it involves great detail and expertise. We are providing high-quality printing for your stickers. However, you have the freedom to choose the printing technique according to your budget restrictions. Let’s have a look at what are the options you can explore for your custom product labels.


We are offering digital printing and offset printing. The rich coloured label printing makes your stickers more enchanting. Offset printing is for low budget production, and digital printing has a higher budget.



This colour model has four colour pallet including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key black. Moreover, CMYK is used in offset printing.


This colour model comes with endless colour options and used in digital printing. It is a more efficient method compared to CMYK printing.



We also provide kraft paper as our sticker’s material. This material is 100% biodegradable; therefore, if you are looking for eco-friendly packaging options, you should definitely choose kraft paper for your custom label printing. The only drawback of kraft paper is that it degrades in harsh environmental condition.


We have tested a variety of materials to create the best sticker. Our best material is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). It is a superior quality vinyl as compared to common sticker materials such as BOPP (Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene). Moreover, this material has superior optical qualities and thus outperforms BOPP, in terms of quality.

PET resists scratch and offers great protection against high-intensity UV rays and harsh weather conditions. It exhibits good resistance to acidic and oily product contents, and prevent them from getting absorbed into the stickers and become distorted.

This material also facilitates the production process as it shows less scratching during the laminating and printing processes. This material is popular for its excellent thermal stability-an ability to withstand high temperatures. This means these materials will not curl or shrink after prolonged sun exposure.

PET is overall an environment-friendly choice. Its raw materials have a low production cost compared to most films. This material is highly recyclable and results in saving 60% energy.


The best part of our services is that we make sure everything we produce, whether it’s about stickers or boxes is recyclable. The world is already facing a huge environmental crisis, and we surely don’t want to become a part of the culprit class.

Therefore, we use kraft, cardstock, paper stock and corrugated sheets as primary materials to make sure our end products do not end up in landfills. All these materials we use for sticker printing are eco friendly and can easily be recycled. Moreover, this way, you can reflect the nature conscious side of your brand.

Vinyl sheets are thin films that are waterproof and are highly resistant to weather conditions. These materials are excellent for custom printed labels. You can use any coating to give your stickers either matte or shiny look.



We provide a protective lamination covering our label stickers to prevent them from being damaged. In lamination, we provide both matte or gloss lamination. This is not a spray-on coating type layer. We provide an additional layer of to the surface of the stickers. The coatings are only to enhance the durability of the stickers.

Moreover, this coating will also guard your stickers against getting faded, which usually happens in most cases when you place your stickers on laptops, phone, or any other surface.


We offer two types of foiling, namely:


We offer approximately over 150 formulated colours for colour customized foiling. Moreover, you can also add colours of your choice. We have a team of in-house lab technicians who can formulate any colour just for you. For this you can send samples of the colour you’re currently using or would like to use.


This type of foiling is similar to that of the metallic foiling. It gives a metallic feel to the stickers. Holographic foil is also known as a diffraction pattern. It helps to add value to your stickers. We at Packaging Bee supply a huge variety of Holographic foils in a plethora of different patterns ranging from squares, dots, cracked ice, pillars of light, rainbow, snowflakes, and swirls.



Majority of the consumers in today’s market now prefer brands and companies that offer eco-friendly products and packaging. So, if you want to earn this special group of customers, investing in green materials and customizing your stickers is the best option.

You will surely get many options in the market to obtain your custom printing services from. If you want a complete package of reliability, durability, quality and affordability, we will never disappoint you.

Why Packaging Bee?

We are offering high-quality services regarding custom sticker printing. If you don’t want to regret your decisions, then join hands with us.  In short, we provide the fastest delivery system with the shortest turnaround time. Moreover, we have a bunch of experts regarding both manufacturing and designing sectors.

Therefore, feel free to consult us anytime. We offer free guidance to our clients. You can contact us to discuss your ideas and get what you want. In addition, we provide free shipping on bulk orders. Moreover, if you haven’t experienced our services yet we are here to provide you with free prototypes. You can start with only 100 stickers as your minimum order.

Therefore, do not waste your resources in fraudulent deals. Collaborate with us and get your packaging concerns resolved.


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