You can modify the design of your custom box before its final approval. However, when your order is finalized it is difficult to amend your design. In addition, still if you have to modify something of great importance, you can contact your concerned customer service representative. Because after finalization of the design, it has been sent to the production house, and there it is not possible to amend it as the template is installed in the machines, and the printing process has started.

Yes, surely you can give your artwork for the designing of your custom boxes. Just send us the sample in the soft form of Adobe or other extensions, and we will carve it physically on your custom box. Any editable file with minimum 300dpi resolution will be preferred.

  • .AI extension.
  • .PDF extension.
  • .EPS extension.

Yes, we have our archive of various template boxes. You can select from them the one that is according to your requirement. Moreover, we can create a template for you as your requirements if you ask for it.

When your order has been shipped, the customer representative that has taken the order from you and dealt all your concerns regarding it, will intimate you that your order is in the way and will reach the destination in the said period. Moreover, he will provide you with the tracking number of your order. With its help you can track the order yourself. That is how you will be aware of your order.

We require dimensions of your precious product because we have to finalize the dimensions of the box. If we have not the measurements or dimensions of your item, then there are vivid chances that your product will not snugly fit into the box. Ultimately, it will give a pitiful look to the packaging of your article. Henceforth, we need the dimensions of your product to create a flawless box. Furthermore, we need the product details so that we can have proper idea to tell you that which design and style will be suitable for your product.

Yes! We offer you box styles that are not listed on our website. We have tried our best to put all the considerable box styles at our site. However, if you have any unique form of yours, you can have that. Just give us the template, and we will create the box for you.

The world is progressing rapidly, and the dealing of everything has evolved in the form of online transactions. To meet the modern patterns and for the convenience of our customers, we accept all the forms of payment. You can pay for your orders through Master Card, PayPal, Union Pay, Visa, and all the other channels of payment.

Yes, we provide our customers with various Graphic Design services. For instance, if you have ordered your boxes and want to have a look at their quality of graphic designs and patterns, you can! We will send you a 2D and 3D mockup of your graphic designed box.  Moreover, you can also have RGB, Vector, and Raster Graphic facilities.

Certainly, we offer you versatile custom box styles. You can select from the list of box styles at our site. There are plenty of them ranging from Tuck-End Boxes to Double Wall Front Tuck End Mailers Boxes. Just hit the required box style and get it now!

Sure! You can have printing on the inside and outside of the box. That why we have provided you with customization options; you can modify printing, in anyway, on your custom box. Just tell us about the printing idea of yours, and the rest task is ours.

No! We have no hidden charges of anything at all. As far as the die and plate costs are concerned, various companies charge them. But we do not add these charges to the costs. We care about our customers; hence, we do not charge any die and plate costs.

Yes! We ship to other countries too as our delivery network has spread to various other countries like United Kingdom and Australia. Even you can order from the continent of Europe and can get you boxes there. In short, you get your order all over the world.

We try our best to provide you incredibly instant delivery. Therefore, we have made our general delivery time 8 to 10 days. It means you will get your order in 8 to 10 days. Furthermore, if you require urgent delivery of your custom boxes order, you can get your package in 6 to 8 days. It will cost you a little bit more; however, you will get your boxes with you in significantly less time.

Yes! We take orders of a minimum of 100 units per design. That is to say; if you are ordering a single design box, it should be a minimum of 100 pieces. It is our MOQ (minimum order quantity). Moreover, it not only helps us but also benefit you as you can have different discount offers on bulk orders.

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