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Resilient Materials

While making cosmetic boxes we make sure that we make use of strong and tough materials that can protect the cosmetics from all kinds of environmental and physical factors too. The boxes that we make mostly consist of card-stock, eco-kraft and cardboard material.

The purpose of using these materials is that they are tried and tested for being the most valuable materials that we use. Card-stock and eco-kraft are 100% nature friendly. Therefore, they don’t harm nature at any cost and are truly the best ones.

We have been using them to make boxes for the longest of times. Also, the ideal thickness for making boxes is 14 pt so we use it to make all types of cosmetic packaging Australia to keep your cosmetics safe and sound.

Moreover, we all know that shipping is an incredibly tough process so it is important to keep it in consideration. Therefore, we do so and use the corrugated material for shipping. It not only keeps the shipments safe but also offers quality services.

Adorable Features

Furthermore, you must not know that we focus on making the packaging adorable because it is what counts. We are not one of the companies that focus on the product only but we value the packaging and the product equally.

Therefore, our designers design cosmetic packaging in such adorable ways that they make you thrilled. Our purpose is to unintentionally make boxes look prettier and amazing so that they can be of great benefit.

The customizations that we offer include coatings, Add-ons and various printing techniques too. All the customizations will add shimmer, brightness and value to your cosmetic box. For sure you cannot stop any customer from buying a box that is so bright and ravishing.

Worldwide Shipping

We at Packaging Bee know that shipping costs thousands of dollars because of the intensity. Which s why we offer free shipping in Australia. This is so because we can understand that you are already spending a lot of money on the making of cosmetic boxes no minimum so we don’t burden you more.

Moreover, we use specially made materials to carry out shipping. The material that we use for shipping is called corrugated. It is famous for being the thickest material in the market and it. However, the flutes are also made up of another material so we can either increase or decrease it as per your choice. The corrugated beauty boxes Australia keep all types of cosmetic safe because of its intensity. However, it not only keeps the cosmetics safe but also delivers it as it to the destination.

Here For You

When we say that “we are here for you” we mean each and every word. Being here for you we take care of manufacturing the custom cosmetic boxes in the right way, we assure that the box will be an ideal one.

Also, by being here for you we not only value you but also your time and money. Money and time are two of the most essential factors and we make sure that we keep them in consideration.

Why Is Packaging Bee Your Life Saver?

We started as a business for about decades ago and form that time, we have learned a lot. Known that the customers value the most and all that matter is quality over everything. Which is why we keep our customers as our first priority and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Our purpose is to win the hearts of all our customers by giving them the finest quality of boxes. You can count on us for everything and we will never let you down. Therefore, we are your lifesavers. Our custom printed cosmetic boxes will not only give you higher profits but will also make your customers fall in love with them on the first glance.

However, if you are not satisfied with our services, we offer some mockups that will help us gain your trust. These mockups have three categories that are a flat view, 3D sample and physical sampling too. The first method is a flat view where we deliver pictorial setups of the custom cosmetic packaging clearly showing their die-cuts and die-lines.

Through this, you can assess the number of lines and see if it works for you. On the other hand, we have some busy clients that are not available in their homes every time. Therefore, we have a 3D sample obtainable for them. In this method, we email a full prepared box to you and you get a chance to examine it properly.

Although, if you still have any issues, we can send you the physical sample of the box so that you have it in your hand and examine it. You will for sure understand the necessity of these mockups once you want them for your contentment.

24/7 Customer Care

We at Packaging Bee aim to be there for our customers to make sure that they face no issues. Therefore, we have a customer care staff that is available for you 7 days a week and available for 24 hours. They intend to get answers to all your questions and make you feel at home. Also, we have professional representatives who are utterly respectful and amazing in all aspects. They will give you answers to all your questions and queries within no possible time.

Also, the staff we have is only interested in keeping a check on you and mending all your issues. So, you can trust us, right?

Hence, you can count on us in all possible ways and order your boxes at any time that you like. The cosmetic packaging boxes will be durable, thick and affordable too. Also, we have some hot deals going on so that you can receive your parcels at an affordable price and save some bucks too. Visit our website now and place your order. The order will be at your doorstep within the least possible time.


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