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Saying “NO” To Plastic:

We at Packaging Bee believe in protecting mother nature from all kinds of toxicants. Therefore, we aim to stay united and say no to plastic. Since with time passing by, plastic has harmed the earth more than anything. Which is why we offer eco-friendly boxes that will not only protect nature but will also give you an immediate boost in your sales. These eco-friendly boxes wholesale play an important role in protecting your products from all kinds of environmental changes.

Even if you belong to an array of industries, we still have a lot more to offer than we usually do. Our custom boxes will keep the products safe and sound for the longest of times. Also, this is a one-time investment because once you invest you do not have to invest again. For instance, if you have bought these custom printed eco-friendly boxes in a bulk, you can reuse them again and again. Once your purpose is served you can dispose of them without polluting the environment any further.

Why Are Eco-Friendly Boxes Useful?

The eco-friendly packaging is extremely useful because they play a significant role in maintaining the environment clean and green. We manufacture these boxes in an array of designs that exceed your sales as well as protect the value of your products. Also, the custom eco-friendly packaging is extremely useful because they keep the environment safe and sound. In times like these where pollution has reached a peak, it is essential for everyone to use biodegradable things. Therefore, we make sure that we play our part in protecting mother nature from all kinds of harms and troubles.

Our purpose is to make sure that you can help in saving mother nature by using durable as well as reusable materials like eco-kraft. Which is why we have a variety of designs, sizes and shapes for making the eco-friendly boxes packaging appealing and enthralling. Also, our designers are here to help you out in showcasing the most adorable designs for the boxes. For sure, you will love the outcome of the boxes because they will have every property within them. For instance, the boxes will be eye-pleasing, durable, reusable as well as sufficient enough to boost your sales.

Order your eco-friendly packaging for food right away because we are here to serve the best to you in the most affordable prices.

 Place Your Order Right Away:

Since all the other companies offer such difficult processes to place and confirm orders, we thought of doing something different. Our order taking process is quite simple and easy. We have two different choices for you. We offer customer support staff who can take orders otherwise you can also order the eco-friendly gift boxes on the website. All you have to do is follow the below-written steps so that you can conveniently place your order on our website.

Select The Material, Design And Size:

The first and foremost thing to do is choose any of your favourite materials and tell us. Also, the materials you can choose are up to your wish because we have a diversity available in them too. Even if you are a bit tensed because of not being decisive, you can contact us now. Our staff will tell you all about the materials that we offer. Choose the designs and sizes too because we have to make sure that everything is done as per your choice.

Illustrate Your Strategies

Moreover, if you have any designs and styles in your mind, you can let us know. Our designers are experts in their field so they will make it up to you. On the contrary, if you are new to this idea, you can also take assistance from our designers. We provide you with a one on one interaction with our designer so you can sort out any issue that you are facing.

Receive An Instant Quote 

Lastly, once your order is confirmed we send you an immediate quote. The purpose of the quote is to make sure that you know that the order is inveterate and is being prepared in our factory.

100% Cashback Guaranteed:

Furthermore, we at Packaging Bee offer 100% cashback If you are not content with our services. Our only aim Is to have your gratification and contentment. Therefore, if any of our clients are not satisfied, we provide them with a 100% cashback. This is to assure you that we are legit and our work sustains on your contentment and satisfaction.

Avail Free Shipping:

Also, we as a company believe in the fact that shipping costs a lot of money, which is why e offer free shipping for all the customer residing in Australia. The free shipping will help you cover the rest of the charges. We take responsibility for your shipment and deliver it to your place safely.

Why Choose Us?

We have plenty of options for you that no other company give you. We claim to be one of the pioneers of the packaging industry because of the following reasons.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The first and foremost reason is that we offer reliable as well as reusable materials. The eco-kraft material that we offer is 100% biodegradable and mature friendly. Therefore, we use it for making eco-friendly boxes no minimum that prevent nature from any further loss. Also, these kraft boxes are available in a variety f sizes, shapes and designs so there is nothing to worry about. The kraft material serves as a packaging material for all the retail products including food items as well as cosmetic and industrial appliances.

Enthralling Coatings

Additionally, two adorable coatings are available here at Packaging Bee. These coatings play a huge part in creating a glow and shine in the boxes. The coatings that we offer are gloss and matte. The gloss coating covers the boxes in glamorous coverage that shines bright in the light. This aspect adds to the appeal of the boxes. Whereas the matte coating covers the boxes in a lusterless yet sleek coverage. The matte coating does not shine in the light but it still has a huge impact on boosting up the sales of your custom eco-friendly boxes.



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