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“All It Takes One Scent to Bring Back A Thousand Memories!”


Candles are among the most well-known home decorations. They can add a sophisticated touch to your homes and even hotels. It is one of the finest methods to communicate your imagination and style to others. 

Are you trying to start your own candle-making industry? Then you’ll need to generate your own labels for your products. Thankfully, it’s super cool to design your own candle labels! PackagingBeeAU offers you high-quality candle labels that no one in the market offers you. 

The best thing about our custom candle labels Australia is that they are available in different colours and designs, it’s up to you to pick what attracts you more. In addition, you don’t have to worry about its quality because our team ensures you get what you want.

So don’t worry about its quality.



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    Before purchasing, do you want to know a detailed guide about luxury candle labels? Then look below!


    Let’s learn how to create the ideal candle label!


    What Does A Candle Label Mean?

    Luxury candle labels are way more than just your name on a product.

    You have a website ready, an excessive process set up, dependable suppliers on hand, and the most significant thing, and an exceptional array of scents. You feel ready to make a custom label for your products. But you’ve still got quite a few essential things to figure out before that.

    A big question when marketing something that lights on fire – is it legal or safe? Is it permissible to sell homemade candles? Dumpy answer: Yes, it is. But the law concerning candles is quite complex and technical. Yet, it’s an active part of the process that protects your business, as well as your consumers.


    The Information You Should Consider For Luxury Candle Labels!


    It’s essential to add all the below information clearly and frankly, alongside your branding:

    • Type of wax used – Soy wax, natural beeswax, palm wax, or gel, 
    • The custom candle weight – In millilitres, grams, ounces, depending on your area.
    • How it was ready – Is it a hand-poured natural candle? Was it infused with necessary oils? It would be great if you clarified these things on your label.
    • Burn time – The sum of hours or minutes it will burn, depending on your candle.


    Pick An Exceptional Candle Label Shape To Set Yourself Apart!

    When most people think of candle custom labels, they typically imagine a simple square label or an oval shape. While these always look good on a naturally cylindrical candle jar, there are countless other options to select from. 

    In addition, triangle-shaped candle labels were a hit in the past years. You can also select a shape for your label included prominently in your logo.

    Alternatively, consider a personalized printed candle label that wraps around the candle jar to offer more worthy information.

    Including all the ingredients of your candle type and brand information on the front label can be overwhelming and reduce the impact of your design. You can fit in more information without crushing the customer if you choose to generate a longer custom label that wraps around the candle.


    There Are A Few Important Ways You Can Decide On the Custom Size:


    • Measure your whole candle directly. Use a paper ruler to make this process cooler. Then simply measure the space where you need to stick your label and apply that information in your design.


    • Design numerous shapes and sizes. Then print them with your printer before referring them to a print shop or scaling the process at home.


    Apply them to the candle or the bottle and select what you like best. There are several shapes to choose from, so testing might be a terrific way to go about it.


    • Generate a template. Use a piece of paper to make the markings of your potential label. Mark the spots where the label ends will be. 


    To get an even well idea, cut the paper along your marks to check if it fits the way you desired. Note your measurements and apply them to your design


    • A combination of all the above. If you consider it, there’s no right or wrong way to do this, and you can use any method if you are happy with the result.


    • To make it even cooler to design custom candle labels, you can work with Packaging Bee.


    Make Sure Your Label Design Reflects Your Brand:


    It’s significant to lead with your brand before you start thinking about matching colours and what shape the label should be. What is your business’s design logo? Does your business order minimalism or bold, bombastic design?

    Your product identity and the aesthetics of your company should be the initial thing you think about when you start designing a new label. Product candle labels that align with your brand help your customers find your items on a shelf. 


    All Good Things Start With “C”, Candles, Coffee, Chocolate, And More Candles!


    If you think you can put your bulk logo on a candle to draw customers’ attention, you’re in for a rude awakening. Including your custom logo on the label is one thing; confirming that the entire label aligns with your company’s mission and is appealing is another.

    Assessing your brand will benefit you find the characteristics you should prioritize in a suitable candle label. It would be finest if you thought of your candle’s label as an extension of your commercial card. 

    Use your logo to comfort decide the colour, font, and artistic flourishes that can make your product stand out. But make sure not to limit yourself to the margins of your logo’s design.


    What Printing Styles Do We Offer To Our Customers?


    There are three following printing styles that our customers select and can use to add more to your candle labels. The three are:

    1. Offset printing
    2. Digital Printing
    3. Flexography


    • What Is Offset Printing?


    Offset printing works by shifting ink from a plate to a rubber sheet, then moving the ink onto paper, vinyl, or another surface. Moreover, it is a cost-effective way to get higher sales. So you can easily buy from us at reasonable rates.

    • What Is Digital Printing?


    Digital printing is the method of printing digital-based images directly onto a diversity of media substrates. Moreover, there is no necessity for a printing plate, unlike offset printing. Our digital printing is sure to add more charm to your packaging boxes.

    • What Is Flexography?


    Flexography has been extensively used as a quick and economical way of applying simple designs and areas of colour to a wide variety of packaging materials.

    Your Products, Our Excellence!


    Hope you can get a lot of information about candle labels. Have you an interest in buying our candle labels? If your answer is yes, contact us now and get the best deals on luxury candle labels before the times out.

    Furthermore, if you have any designs in your mind, then send us now. We will make sure you get what you desire. But if you don’t have any idea about designing, no worries. PackagingBeeAU will provide you with a detailed guide from beginning to end. 


    What better than this? So why are you waiting for more? 

    Think us and buy the best candle labels.






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