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Food packaging is one of the most sensitive domains of the packaging industry. The material that is used to pack food items should be inert so that they do not generate any hazardous chemicals upon contact with the food products. Therefore, food companies are taking great care of how they are packaging their products. 

In this rapidly growing business market, if you want your customers to trust your brand, you need to provide them with safe packaging materials. We at Packaging Bee do exactly that. Moreover, we make custom food-grade boxes at an affordable and reasonable price range that can serve your customer in the best way possible. 

We deal in all kinds of food boxes. This includes macaron boxes, popcorn, cupcake, cakes, cereal, cookies, chocolate boxes and much more. You can customize these boxes in any shape, colour, size and design you want. Our manufacturing and designing teams are available to serve you around the clock. 

The best part of our services is the freedom of exploring numerous options for your custom food boxes. This way, you can test many different and innovative packaging themes and finely select the one that goes best with your product requirements and customer demands. 


We provide two different printing options, including offset and digital printing. Both of these techniques differ in efficiency and budget. However, you can select any of them on the basis of your production budget. For instance, if you have a limited budget, you can go for offset printing for your custom printed food boxes. 

On the other hand, the digital printing technique as the name defines is a digital process and has higher efficiency. Moreover, it has more budget requirement as compared to the offset printing. Therefore, if you do not have any restrictions regarding your production budget, you should go for digital printing. 


We provide two types of colour models to print your food packaging boxes. It includes;

CMYK Model

This colour model consists of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colours. It is used in offset printing. Though, it offers limited colour options as compared to the PMS model but offers high quality. 

PMS Model

The word PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. In this colour model, you are provided with a wide range of colour choices. It covers any colour you can think of. This technique is used in digital printing. 


If you want to leverage the appearance of your custom food delivery boxes and leave a strong impression on your customer’s minds; we can help you. We offer a wide variety of add-on options that you can choose to uplift the entire look of your boxes. Just like cosmetic boxes and other retail boxes, we offer add-ons including;


Debossing and embossing involve creating recessed or raised images or designs on any materials. However, an embossed pattern is raised against the background. 

On the other hand, a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface of the material. These techniques are usually used to print the logo and name of a brand on the food packaging boxes. It gives a professional look to the logo of any brand, thus making it more appealing. 


It is a fabrication process which is very common when it comes to cutting paper or any other material into desired shapes and sizes. This process is very popular because of its factor of adding more elegance into the ordinary-looking cardboard food boxes. 


These are the transparent windows that are inserted on the front side of the boxes. The main goal of adding PVC windows to any packaging box is to facilitate product transparency. 

The more a product is transparent, the more likely are the chances for you to gain customers trust. We provide high-quality PVC sheets that you can add to your boxes to enhance the product visibility.


It refers to an even application of UV Coating to a specific area of food boxes wholesale. This technique is famous for printing high-quality images on the boxes. This unique styling technique will add more value to your product packaging. We offer the best Spot UV techniques for your custom food boxes. Moreover, this creative technique will add contrast and depth on your boxes by creating varying levels of texture and shine. 


We offer two types of coating for giving a professional finish look at your packaging boxes. You can choose any of the following coatings depending on your personal preference and packaging theme. 


This type of coating imparts a non-shiny look to your boxes. This subtle matte coating will add elegance and class to your product packaging. 


This type of coating will add a shine to the surface of your boxes regardless of its material. It helps in making your product boxes more eye-catching and visually appealing. Therefore, if you want your products to stand out while being placed on the retail shelves, you can contact us anytime. 

Other than the above-mentioned add-on options, we also provide many more options that can help you enhance the look of your product packaging. In the end, it is about how attractive your product is looking while being placed on the shelves. The more you succeed in making your product catch the attention of the target audience, the more likely are the chances that it will drive sales your way. 


We at Packaging Bee are dealing with almost all types of food boxes. Moreover, we offer our client to choose the materials and printing techniques that fall in their budget. This way, you can get quality packaging and that too, without being heavy on your pocket.

In addition, you can consult us anytime and free of cost. Our experts are available to serve you and resolve your queries 24/7. If you want guidance and have queries regarding your food boxes Australia you can consult us as our customer service is available around the clock.  

We offer high-quality custom food boxes with no to minimum delivery charges. Moreover, we are famous for having the shortest turnaround time in the market. You can assure the quality of our food boxes by requesting some samples.  In addition, we offer free samples to our new customers so that they can make sure what they are buying and on whom they are investing huge capital. 

Above all, we provide you with the freedom to get what you want. The more freely you get to design, the more you will have the room to explore. This will help you in finding out the best packaging solution that suits your product requirements and fulfil your customers’ demands. So, hurry up! Get your packaging concerns resolved. 


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