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Surprise your customers with white boxes. The retail market is all about the product and its packaging. Without a suitable box, the product does not get the worth it deserves. The reason is that people see products through the eyes of the packaging. For this reason, dressing up the product appropriately before presenting it in front of customers is essential.

The white box is the best option to make your product look prominent, among other possibilities. It gives elegance yet simplicity to the item, and both these qualities ensure the customer’s rush. However, selecting a suitable company is equally important if you want guaranteed results. Packaging Bee is the most reputed company in the United States. Every seller should approach us because we ensure quality and make the white box multi-functional. So, call us to get yours now.



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    Wholesale Custom Printed White Packaging Boxes in Australia

    The retail market has tough competition, which demands top-notch packaging to get customers’ attention. The reason is that making regular customers is the key to reaching the heights of success. White boxes are the best option as they are simple yet elegant, and that is what makes customers fall for your product.

    Moreover, the benefit these white cake boxes provide is that they do not only ensure protection but the elegant display attracts customers as well. That means brands can use the packaging for other purposes like brand promotion and grabbing customers’ attention.

    However, getting hands-on experience with white mailer boxes with a reputable company is essential. So, Packaging Bee has always been at the top of the list. The reason is that we promise guaranteed results, affordable rates, and free assistance.

    Our company deals with high-quality packaging materials:

    The packaging material is the base of the white packaging. So, saving money from this part is not a good idea at all. If the base of the box is of low quality, it is nearly impossible to get packaging with excellent qualities.

    Moreover, the common misconception among people is that they have to invest a lot to get good quality white window boxes. That is what bothers them to invest in something good.

    Here is when brands should contact our company. The reason is that we offer quality white noodle boxes at affordable rates. The best part is that these boxes are suitable for all jobs, and you do not have to make heavy investments. The packaging materials we offer are as follows.

    • Cardboard
    • Cardstock
    • Kraft
    • Corrugated

    White cardboard boxes are best for retail purposes. The reason is that these boxes are lightweight and easy to handle. Furthermore, we provide white cardboard boxes with thicknesses ranging from 12pt to 14pt.

    However, if you own e-commerce business and want to ship, corrugated white box packaging is the best. It is because these boxes come with flutes which give boxes extra strength. And that is what makes them perfect for transportation.

    Additionally, our company offers corrugated boxes in A, B, C, E, and F flutes. It is up to customers what they want, and they can customize the packaging according to their specific needs.

    We offer add-ons to manufacture stylish yet simple white gift boxes:

    As you know, the outward show off the box is the first thing customers see. For this reason, it is the opportunity to impress consumers as the sales and profit depend on it.

    We, as white food packaging manufacturers, know well how essential the first impression is. For this reason, at Packaging Bee, we offer some add-ons that altogether give the packaging an amazing presentation.

    In this way, it helps cast spells on consumers’ eyes when they purchase and ensure profit. Here are some add-ons that our designers use in box manufacturing.

    • Foiling
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Windows
    • Spot UV

    All these add-ons help give boxes such a fantastic look that set the seal on generating incredible ROI. Foiling is the best option for manufacturing white gift boxes in Australia.

    It provides luxurious qualities to the product, which is what customers search for in the packaging.

    Our professionals offer foiling in almost every color, but gold and silver foiling is still the show’s start.

    Additionally, embossing and debossing helps if you want to highlight the printing. It enhances the design of white gift boxes in Australia as well.

    Creating transparency in white gift boxes with lids is what attracts customers. The reason is that being able to see the product always appeals to customers.

    For this reason, windows are the best option. At our company, we offer two window types which are die-cut and PVC windows. The die-cut window has no coverage.

    However, the PVC window comes with a polythene sheet. Additionally, our designers offer boxes in different shapes and sizes. So, you can get what suits the box.

    Latest printing methods to make white gift box multi-functional:

    Printed boxes open ways for brands to benefit from the box in brand reputation. In fact, in this competitive market, marketing and branding of the product is the main source of getting successful. So, using boxes is the easiest and most convenient way. For that, all you have to do is print the brand logo on the packaging in a suitable font size and style.

    We at our company use the latest printing techniques and design multi-functional packaging. Moreover, our designers are trained enough to design boxes with top-notch design and choose themes that are in trend. Additionally, we use the latest printing methods for box printing which are as follows.

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Screen printing

    Offset printing is best if you want boxes in bulk. The reason is that it gets affordable in this way. However, digital printing is the best option if you have a small business and want boxes in a limited amount. It takes less time and amount in printing.

    If you cannot decide which printing method you should form, consult with our designers.

    Why Packaging Bee?

    We have been working on this platform for a decade. So, our years of experience are what make us customers’ priority. Additionally, our affordable rates and free shipping in Australia are what make us customers’ priority. So, to know more about us or to place an order, contact us right away.







    We offer the following packaging materials:

    • Cardstock Material
    • Cardboard Material
    • Corrugated Material
    • Kraft Material
    • Rigid Material

    Yes, we offer 2D, 3D, and physical sampling options for custom sweet boxes. 

    The minimum order quantity for custom sweet boxes is 100 units.


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