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A branded pillow box can be used for everything, from wedding favours and jewellery to accessories. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, you can place anything inside, from make-up brushes to perfume samples. All our pillow boxes are printed in full colour on a high-quality 380gsm SBS board. This ensures that the print is high-quality and has excellent colour reproduction. These are resistant to scratches, but you can add gloss or matt laminations for additional protection. They will be delivered flat for easy storage. They come pre-glued and can be assembled in seconds. So order now to get the perfect quick packaging solution.



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Get Mesmerizing printing on your pillow boxes to make events more memorable.

Packaging Bee’s unique pillow boxes have stunning printing designs on them. We use advanced printing technology to print inspirational designs and lively graphics on your pillow boxes to ensure they multiply the grace of your products. We give you complete freedom to personalize your pillow box in the way you want 

Pillow packaging from Packaging Bee is the best way to add flair to your products. They come in various shapes and sizes. They are highly customizable right according to your requirements. These boxes are perfect for a wide range of purposes, including large retail stores, small shops, and private functions such as weddings or corporate events. 

Avail magnificent customization choices for your pillow box packaging

Our pillow packaging comes in various sizes. A small pillow box is ideal for jewellery gifts, while a medium box is perfect for storing favours, retail products, or personal gifts. Our high-quality wholesale pillow packaging are durable and resistant to scratches. These boxes come flat, so you can easily assemble them and store them conveniently. 

Add lamination to any materials to prevent your box printing from getting dull. You have the option to use matt, gloss, or soft touch lamination. Apply special finishes to your pillow packaging and make them more alluring that catch the customer’s eyes. You can choose from 3D varnish or gold foil. These finishes are great for adding depth and interest to certain areas of artwork. 

You can order all printed pillow boxes online and receive a quote immediately. Whether you have a large or small business, you can order from 100 to 10,000 boxes. 

Packaging Bee provides you ease at every step.

Packaging Bee puts a lot of effort into customer care. Have questions about the technicalities of your artwork, like bleed areas and colour advice? Our customer support team is always available to help you throughout your journey. Our in-house graphic designers can review your uploaded files to help you order faster. 

We’d love to receive your artwork, whether you have it ready or not. Our skilled graphic designers can assist you with the design process. You just need to send us your logo in a high-quality format. Once we finalize your design idea, we will send you a prototype so you can tell us if you are happy with the final artwork. It’s that simple! 

Packaging Bee is one of Australia’s most accomplished and proficient manufacturers of pillow boxes. We have worked with some of the most prominent brands in the country to create and deliver standout, high-quality branded packaging. We can provide high-quality, cost-effective pillow box packaging that is both affordable and of the highest quality. 

Create bespoke pillow boxes that work wonders for your business

Are you looking for stylish and practical packaging solutions for your gift or product? You can impress your customers with our special pillow gift boxes. These pillow boxes are elegant and sophisticated but also cute and quirky. Thanks to their unique curving ‘pillow” design, they make for a unique packaging option. This attractive box also keeps the flats of oval shape at the ends of the box sealed until the recipient opens them. It will keep your products safe during shipping. You can reseal the boxes by folding the flaps back into their original positions. This makes them perfect for gift giving. You can use our pillow gift boxes to present all gifts, including jewellery, confectionery, cosmetics, and many others. 

These boxes are great for any event, whether you’re a boutique retailer, a national chain of stores, or a commercial company looking to reach out to existing customers or conference attendees with amazing gifts. 

With Packaging Bee, customization options go beyond just artwork. Also, you can choose your size, materials, and card colours per your preferences. You also have the option to customize the finishing options. All this at very competitive prices. If you don’t like designing your artwork, our in-house designers can help with that, too. 

Hundreds of distinctive Printing options for pillow boxes

This simple box features a unique curved ‘pillow” design. It combines a compact shape with an attractive design and a self-sealing lid design. The tension generated by the curve of the pillow boxes will keep them closed until the recipient opens them once the outer flaps have been folded. They can also be opened and sealed as often as you wish, making them reusable. 

Standardly, our custom pillow boxes are printed on high-quality cardstock. However, we offer many other materials to help you create the perfect packaging. You can choose from Kraft pillow boxes and other materials. 

Use our simple form to create your size and choose from various finishing options. Add lamination to increase durability and finish, or select spot UV/foiling to maximize attention towards your logo. Your packaging will feel luxurious with embossed pillow boxes. You can make your own pillow boxes and don’t need to use pre-made curved flaps. You can create your pillow box design using our free, printable pillow box templates. 

Our custom pillow boxes serve a plethora of purposes

Pillow boxes are great for all retail items, including sweets, chocolate, jewellery, accessories, and cosmetics. These boxes make the ideal gift box for gift-giving, whether for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any other occasion. Pillow favour boxes work well for weddings or other special events. 

Your company’s image will be reinforced every step of your journey by using boxes printed with your logo branding. Pillow boxes made of Kraft paper are perfect for promoting your eco-friendly business. 

Pillow box are a great way to give away freebies at trade shows or conventions. They can also be reused and recycled. You can even continue to promote your brand with your design. 

If you’re looking for unique printed pillow packaging, stop searching. We are happy to provide the expertise and in-house talent necessary to create unique luxury custom pillow boxes. Pillow box printing is also possible in a variety of sizes. We recommend smaller pillow boxes for gifts, jewellery, and cosmetics. However, we can also make larger boxes that will fit larger items such as clothing or accessories. 

We can supply and create pillow boxes to help you achieve your sustainability and environmental goals. We offer both pillow boxes with handles and pillow boxes with windows! As standard, boxes come with gloss or matt laminate. It is easy to store and use. Simply flatten the boxes and then shape them for your use.  

Get a variety of add-on choices for your pillow packaging boxes.

You can choose any size, colour, and finish. Silk ribbon closures, striking foil finishes, and inside printing are options for something extra special. Spot UV can add depth and contrast to your pillow packaging by adding varying levels of sheen and texture. Our matchless embossing and debossing services enable you to personalize your design. This will give your design a modern, fresh look. We can also reinforce pillow packaging with custom-made die-cut handles for larger items such as garments and accessories. Our Kraft pillow boxes are made of recyclable paper if eco-friendly packaging is your priority. 

How are pillows boxes made?

You can choose to have your boxes delivered flat, with pre-attached tape, or fully assembled. Our peerless delivery service allows us to send pillow packs directly to customers or retailers without the need to go through the middleman. For a quote, please contact us. All of our custom printed pillow boxes include fast delivery and quick turnaround.

If you have any questions about pillow boxes Australia, worldwide orders, or wholesale pillow boxes, please contact our friendly team today. 

Design Service

Get low-cost graphic design services from our classy designers. Our designers will create a custom, high-quality design that meets your needs. 

Supplying Artwork

Pillow packs can be printed with your custom design. To ensure that your artwork is printed in the highest quality possible for your pillow packaging, take a look at our Artwork Setting Guide. 

Why should you choose us?

We are a top supplier of printed Pillow boxes throughout Australia. We print all of our products in-house on our own machines. This allows us to control turnaround times and printing standards. We deliver fast and free of charge. 






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