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Cardboard boxes are the perfect packaging solution for all industries and brands. The reason is that this packaging material guarantees product protection, and brands can get them at a low cost. Apart from that, today, the packaging does not have a single role of product protection to perform. Now brands use them for other purposes as well.

So, Packaging Bee is the best platform for all brands to get packaging made of cardboard. It is because we ensure that our customers get the best packaging solution that fulfils all packaging purposes. Apart from that, we hire professionals who make sure to satisfy customers with packaging style and design and make your money worth investing.

Additionally, we know that box durability matters to the customers. For this reason, we use high-quality yet affordable packaging materials. Similarly, our experts use the latest printing methods to make your packaging a marketing tool that helps in making customers.

So, to enjoy our services and flawless packaging, place an order right away.



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Packaging is the most important factor for brands and industries, as success depends on it. Moreover, there are still some brands that exist today which do not consider packaging an important aspect. So, they bear the consequences.

However, cardboard boxes Sydney plays a crucial role in business success. Furthermore, companies that understand the worth of packaging cannot decide which packaging is the best for their business. Do not worry. We have got yo8u covered. Our experts are available at your services and guide you in a way that leaves no room for doubts.

Apart from that, another reason which makes us the perfect choice is that our professionals allow you to share your ideas and imaginations. In this way, we turn your imaginations into reality. So, you can get the packaging in the shape and size of your choice.

Are you a newbie and do not know the trends and essential details of box designing? Do not worry. We offer templates. So, you can select the style which appeals to you the most. Additionally, we can make you the template according to your requirement a well. Our experts try to ease customers in every way. So, you will not get an any better option than Packaging Bee

Specifications of cardboard boxes:

We suggest brands go with this packaging option because cardboard boxes are light in weight, reducing their shipping cost. Moreover, its lightweight does not compromise durability. Apart from that, the thickness our company provide for cardboard ranges from 12pt to 14pt, which is enough for product protection.

Another feature of cardboard packaging is that it is flexible. So, you can get small cardboard boxes or large ones, anything that suits you the best. All you need is to tell us the accurate dimensions of the product, and we will design you the box that fits the product perfectly.

Additionally, we offer an array of designs. So, you can get cardboard sleeve packaging or any style you want. For instance, for small products and favour boxes, pillow cardboard packaging is the best option.

Besides, cardboard is printing friendly packaging material. So, you can print anything on the box for product promotion or to make your product stand out. Additionally, you can add flutes to cardboard as well to increase its thickness if you are not satisfied with the given thickness.

Latest printing techniques to make cardboard packaging multifunctional:

Printing plays a vital role in increasing brand reputation and displaying products beautifully. Moreover, today customers want to see what they are purchasing. For this reason, they search for all details on the box to buy the product comfortably.

We use high-quality printing methods to give flawless results to printing. The two printing methods our company use is offset and digital printing. We suggest offset printing for brands who want to print boxes in bulk. However, if you are a new brand and does not want cardboard box Brisbane in bulk, go for digital printing.

Apart from that, colours are essential for printing. So, the colour models we offer at our company are CMYK and PMS. CMYK is affordable, but PMS have high rates.

Some add-ons cardboard boxes Perth to increase customer’s base:

No matter for what business you want packaging, the way it looks matters. For this reason, our experts use some add-ons to give packaging such amazing features which provoke buyers to purchase from you.

For instance, if you own a perfume brand, we suggest you design boxes that make the product best for gifts as well. in this way, customers do not have to invest in packaging separately. It increases the chances of purchase as well.

So, use our add-ons to design cardboard gift boxes Australia that attract customers from afar and make your product the best in the market. The embellishments we offer are foiling, embossing, debossing, and windows. Foiling help giving packaging a luxurious look, and that is what customers search for in the product.

Additionally, we offer two types of windows which are the die-cut window and the PVC window. PVC window comes with plastic coverage, and die-cut does not have any coverage. UV spotting is also a great option to highlight the specific part on the small cardboard gift boxes. 

Coatings are essential to make the cardboard box look flawless:

Cardboard boxes Dandenong are incomplete without coatings. It is because coatings secure the packaging from scratches and stains. Moreover, it makes your packaging shine on the shelf the whole day.

So, we offer two types of coatings which are matte and gloss. It is totally up to you which type of coating you want for boxes. Matt coating gives a flat and dense finish to the box. However, gloss coating provides a shine to the box, which appeals to customers from afar. Additionally, colours appear vibrantly in gloss coating. So, tell our experts what you want, and they provide you with the packaging with the same looks.

Ensure ultimate safety of bakery products by using cardboard cake boxes with inserts:

For bakery items, white cardboard boxes are the best to display products on the shelf appealingly. However, to increase safety, you can ask our experts for inserts as well. We offer two types of inserts which are fence and punch inserts.

If you do not have information about them, you can ask our designers anytime, and they will be at your service.

Why choose Packaging Bee?

Many companies in the market can provide you with the packaging. However, our services and skilled designers will not let you feel for searching for a second option. We are in this industry for a decade. So, we know ell what customers demand and what type of packaging can help you stand out.

Here are some factors that customers search for in packaging, and we provide you with all.  

  • 24/7 customer care service:

If you have any problem or want to find your shipping status, our customer care service provides instant service. We keep you updated about your order and shipping code so you can track the order.

  • Prototypes:

Are you worried if you can do amendments in the packaging style after placing an order? Yes, you can modify the design before final approval. We also send you 2D and 3D mockups to satisfy you in every way.

So, to place an order for cardboard boxes and know more about us, log in to our website,






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