Gift Card Box: Creative Ways to Present Them

A gift card box has been a popular present for many years. But now, they come in all shapes and sizes, which can make wrapping difficult.

For those who want to dress up their gift card boxes, here are some tips for creating a pretty presentation that will please the recipient. 

1) Choose the size of your box first

If you’re going to use a small gift card gift box, place it on top of an even smaller box inside, so there’s room for your gift card.

If you’re using a larger box or bag, wrap it up before placing it in the container with the gift card inside. This way, there is space above and below, which looks nice when opened from either end.

2) Add something personal

Consider adding a ribbon or tag with a handwritten note or message to let the recipient know how much thought you put in their gift card packaging.

3) Distinguish your gifts

Use differently coloured tissue paper in each box so you can quickly identify which container holds the gift card. If you don’t like seeing too many colours, try white tissue paper or decorate it with stripes.

4) Make it festive

Try tying a big bow around the container with your gift card inside. This is an excellent choice when giving more than one gift of different sizes. With bows being trendy again, you can also tie on embellishments like beads or ribbons to match your Christmas decor.

5) Add a frosted window

If you want to give a gift card as a surprise, use a small box or bag with a frosted window on top. This way, the recipient can still see the gift card but not know how much money it is worth until they open it.

6) Make it pretty

Wrap your gift card boxes Australia in patterned paper that matches your wrapping and add some finishing touches like ribbon and a bow. For an elegant look, opt for metallic paper or a small box covered in velvet cloth.

7) Tuck it away

Keep your gift card packaging wholesale inside a holiday-themed envelope to make it extra special. To dress up your container, choose one that matches the theme, such as snowmen or poinsettias. You can also use a small bag with a drawstring to make it easy for the recipient to open and close.

8) Pick your favourite colour

Use bright, cheery colours on your gift card package for a festive look. Just be sure that the tissue paper you choose matches the colour of your container perfectly, so it makes a nice presentation.

9) Wrap it up

Make your gift card easier to place inside the container by wrapping it up on paper first. This is an excellent idea when using a small box or bag so you can quickly slide it in and out without making a mess of tissue paper.

10) Share the love

Help others wrap their gift cards, too. Create a nice set of tissue paper in the same colour and maybe even an extra bow so your loved ones can enjoy wrapping their gifts as much as you do. If they don’t want to use the same colours, encourage them to choose two or three colours in different shades that work well together.

11) Update your style

Gift cards aren’t just for Christmas anymore. You can make your packaging match the season or the recipient’s interests by creating holiday-themed packages with trees, candy canes, hearts or other themes that are typically found at this time of year.

12) Make it last

When choosing a container to hold your gift card, consider how well it will hold up over time. For something sturdy, go with a box or bag that is made of paperboard, chipboard or another thick type of material. Also, take note of how well the container closes so you can use it again in the future for other projects.

13) Be unique

Give your gift card an unexpected twist by wrapping it differently. One option is to tuck it away in a pocket or pouch that can be tied closed with ribbon or twine. This look works well for gift cards of all sizes and shapes.

14) Get festive

Add colour to your gift card box by using festive tissue paper with reds, greens and golds at Christmas time or bright and cheerful colours during the spring and summer. You can even use your everyday tissue paper but try folding it in a different way to change things up.

15) Make it fun

Instead of sticking with traditional gift card boxes, consider using toy-inspired containers like cans or buckets that children will enjoy receiving more than adults. If you don’t want to use something made for kids, opt for a novelty-shaped box, so it is more interesting.

16) Check out your options

There are many different types of containers that can hold gift cards, and you will find them at all price ranges. For the best presentation, choose one that complements your gift card and is easy to open and close.

17) Stay simple

Sometimes the best gift card package is one that you make yourself. Using a small box or bag, fold your tissue paper in half before placing it inside, so it covers the front and back of the container. To make it easier, use glue sticks to attach two pieces of coloured or patterned tissue together.

18) Warm it up

If your gift card is extra special, make sure to use something that keeps it stylish and safe. A nice drawstring pouch with flap closure is perfect for keeping the card warm when you are travelling or giving it away on a chilly day.

19) Get creative

Instead of using traditional colours like red and green during the holiday season, consider creating gift card packages that are silver and gold, jewel tones or even metallic for a high-fashion look.

20) Keep it simple

Suppose you don’t have time to fold your tissue paper into decorative shapes; make things easier by using solid-coloured wrappings instead. You can also use this trick if you are giving multiple gift cards and don’t want to make them look identical.

21) Wrap with ribbon

Attach a thin strip of ribbon or twine around the outside of your gift card box for an easy way to dress it up. You can also tie the ends together and use this as a handle so you can carry your package like a purse when you are headed to a party.

22) Make it easy

If you can’t be bothered with folding expensive tissue paper, choose something that is already shaped in a wavy or scalloped pattern so you can simply set your gift card on top and add a ribbon around the outside. To dress things up, even more, use two pieces of ribbon that crisscross in the back.

23) Show them off

Add a festive tag to your gift card box before placing it inside, or use washi tape to attach name tags that show who gave you each one. You can also decorate ribbons or string, so they hang down the front of the package like garland on a Christmas tree.

Final words

No matter the occasion, gift cards are a popular present. But wrapping them can be tricky business.

That’s why we’ve put together these 23 creative ways to present your gift card in an attractive way, so you don’t have to worry about it when giving or receiving one at Christmas time!

Keep your eyes peeled for more articles on holiday shopping and gifting-related topics coming soon from our blog. 

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