The Ideal Way to Fabricate Custom Printed Book Boxes


Book boxes are an intriguing way to package different types of books. Most brands and stationery shops customize them to fit the need of packed books within. Thus, the boxes are customized. These custom printed book boxes are popular amongst the book reading community. The boxes are designed intricately to appear visually appealing to their viewers. For this reason, the boxes are popular in the gifting world. Many people use them and view them as a token of gratitude. Designers all over the world put immense effort into making these boxes. There use different design methods. Let us dive into what these methods are and how you can craft a perfect box for your book.

Ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of custom printed book boxes

The aesthetics of book boxes matter a lot. Boxes with designs that charm the eyes attract many viewers. Thus, in a way, they impact the viewers immensely. Sometimes they even motivate the book lover to buy them! This shows the importance of designing book boxes. Various design strategies help designers in making the ideal book box. These include:

  1. Balance and coherent design: This is crucial to ensure the designs are visually appealing. It brings a sense of stability within the overall box. While it may be tough to grasp at first, this design technique is essential to attract viewers’ eyes. The balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
  2. Vivid and bold designs: Picture this: you walk into a book store and immediately spot a book box. While there are many other boxes around it, this one stands out to you. Perhaps the vividness of design and colours used attracted you! It is a psychological process that designers target to ensure their designed boxes are not only seen but noticed too.
  3. Customizing the box as per the visuals of a book: Custom printed book boxes engage their viewers. Designers make these boxes to respond to the design of the book packed within. This establishes a deeper link between both. Not only does it interest the customers, but it increases the sale of these boxes as well.

Custom printed book boxes made with die templates

Using die-template is a popular way to craft creative book boxes. Made by designers, these templates are custom-made as per the book it encases. Both the dimensions and shape of the book determine this. Since most books are square, the boxes are either cubes or cuboids. But why do designers prefer this method? It is the simplicity to produce multiple copies efficiently that drives this. Let us understand what are due templates to get a clearer picture of how they work. These are essentially flat templates of the boxes. Many designers offer 3-d models of these templates for a better visual purpose. These are known as mockups. In addition to this, the die templates are easy to ship. Once it arrives, the bookstore/ stationery folds it to form the box shape it was intended for. Thus, the custom Book Boxes are easily made in this way.

Making custom windows in the boxes is another way to generate curiosity in the users. After the designer has decided that the box needs to have these windows, he adds them to the die templates. There is one purpose of these windows. They produce a sense of curiosity in the viewer. This is because a partial portion of the original book cover is visible through this window. In this way, the book cover becomes a part of its box. This is a very smart way to craft custom printed book boxes.


Prints of custom printed book boxes

There are two types of print types in the market. The conventional method is CMYK printing. While it is quite popular, it is being transcended by a better colour-choosing method. This is called the PMS or Pantone colour matching system. It has a wider variety of colours. In addition to this, the method yields a closer result to the digitally viewed colours. For this reason, many designers of book boxes use this. This printing method makes the custom printed Book packaging easy and effortless.

The special coating of custom printed book boxes

The next step after printing is coating. There are newer coatings designed as the world progresses. Let us discuss some of these used in the industry nowadays. These include gloss, matte, and spot UV. All of these possess their special gleam. However, it is prudent for designers to choose the coating for their book boxes smartly. This is because of the impact they may pose. While all coatings are special, they deliver a distinct feel as well. Thus, these are used as per the design needs of the book boxes. Some designs look better in a gloss finish, while others thrive in matte.

Moreover, some designers use both types for a single box as well. This adds depth to the design and enhances its charm greatly. This method is known as embossing. Apart from this, the typography in the design of the book box is sometimes raised. This intrigues the viewers more. In addition to this, gold and silver foiling is popular amongst the masses as well. In short, there are multiple methods to make the boxes charming to their viewers.

Sustainable custom printed book boxes

Eco-friendly boxes are a popular choice over sustainable boxes. This is true for book boxes as well. Recyclable material makes these boxes. This material easily degrades the natural environment without having to use landfills. For this reason, many designers and brands prefer them. Let us list down the materials mostly used. Cardboard is a popular choice. In addition to being eco-friendly, it is sturdy as well. This aids in protecting the book from its environment. In short, it keeps the book packed safely. For this reason, it is a choice of many designers. Apart from cardboard, some other materials are common in the packaging world. These include brown boxboard, corrugated sheets, and Kraft paper. These come in varying thicknesses to suit the needs of their users.



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