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The Best Types of Officeworks Print Stickers for Your Needs

Officeworks print stickers are a great way to add some decoration to your life. They can be used for all sorts of purposes, from labelling your belongings, decorating books and journals, or even adding a little flair to the outside of a package.

But before you go out and buy any stickers, there are some things that you should know about them first: what makes them stick and how long they’ll last! 

What makes Officeworks print stickers stick to various surfaces

Stickers are made out of different materials and bond in different ways, depending on the sticker.

Vinyl sticky prints, for example, bond with the vinyl material they’re made from and can be very durable when attached to items such as water bottles or cases.

However, if you try using a vinyl sticker on a corkboard, it will likely fall off as soon as you remove a pin.

Similarly, paper stickers from calendars or magazines are designed to stick only temporarily and may not be able to withstand the weight of an entire row of books.

On the other hand, sticker paper is made for use on glass surfaces such as mirrors can last a long time, even when exposed to moisture.

How long will a sticker last on a surface?

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell how long a sticker will last by simply looking at what the sticker is made out of and who manufactured it.

A paper calendar sticker may be able to withstand one or two years’ worth of pinning and unpinning before you need to peel it off, but stickers containing aluminium foil are often intended for shorter-term use on items such as shipping containers.

The best types of Officeworks Sydney print stickers for your needs 

Stickers are more versatile than you might think! But, what about Officeworks box? Let’s find out.

There are great ways to use them around the house and office, crafts or art projects, and even in scrapbooking.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Use stickers for labels Officeworks

There are lots of ways to use Officeworks printing around the house, but the simplest way is probably to use them to label your things.

You can buy special labels that are designed just for this purpose, but you can achieve the same effect by simply taking any sticker and writing on it with a permanent marker.

For example, if you have a stapler in your desk drawer at work, attach a sticker with your name on it, so nobody mistakenly uses it after you’ve left one day!

  • Use stickers as bookmarks or door hangers

Bookworms might find their favourite novels looking decidedly dog-eared over time. Especially if they’re used frequently as doorstops like mine tend to be.

But, instead of using old receipts or business cards as bookmarks, why not use some stickers instead?

You could also use a sticker to mark your place if you’re having dinner in a restaurant and don’t want to lose your page.

  • Use stickers for scrapbooking

Officeworks print stickers are great for adding creative elements to your scrapbooks.

You can experiment with different sizes and shapes of stickers, plus they come in an infinite number of colours and designs!

If you prefer buying premade scrapbooking kits, many of the pages will already contain various types of stickers as part of their contents. Great ways to use stickers around the house and office 

If you already have some empty jars lying around at home or work, there’s no to throw them away. Just cover them with stickers! Stickers also work great on the ribbon.

So, if you have some leftovers from another project, why not use it to embellish your jar?

This is an especially good idea if you’re recycling jars that once contained food or drink.

Creative ideas for using stickers in crafts and art projects

There are lots of simple ways to turn old items into artsy new ones by decorating them with Officeworks print stickers.

For example, shoeboxes can become photo albums once you’ve attached a few adhesive-backed paper sheets or vinyl records around the sides.

Pencils make great bud vases, and even outdated calendars can be turned into wall hangings (just grab some scissors and get cutting!)

Sticker etiquette – how to store, peel and apply

It’s best to store stickers flat in small, clear plastic bags. If you collect or buy them this way, you can easily put your entire collection into a box for safekeeping.

As far as removing the backing goes, many people like to peel off the front layer by hand first before applying it; others prefer to do it after the sticker is fully applied to its final surface.

No matter how you end up doing it, though, make sure not to get any residue on the back of the sticker!

With all of these great ways of using stickers around the house and office, you’ll never run out of inspiration again! 

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