Eyelash Boxes

Packaging Bee provides you eyelash boxes of all sizes and shapes. These boxes can be customized with a variety of options. There are plenty of options for finishing these boxes from Glossy, Matte, aqueous coating to Spot UV. You also have the option of the die-cut window and gold/silver foiling, as well as embossing and ribbons or bows to make your lash boxes stand out. Packaging Bee provides a durable packaging option that offers complete protection for your product. It can protect eyelashes from all possible scratches and damage. We make sure to deliver all that we commit.

Furthermore, we also assist our valued customers with modifications to designs. Our design services are free, no matter how many changes you need. Hence, you can get affordable custom eyelash boxes in materials like cardboard, Kraft and rigid. Call or email us for top-quality packaging services, including no delivery fees. Get eyelash packaging that lasts long and is attractive at affordable prices, which are customizable to meet your specific needs.



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    Starting From 100 Boxes
    High Quality Offset Printing
    Custom Sizes & Style
    8-10 Business Day Turnaround
    Free Shipping

    Incredible range of customization choices for eyelash boxes

    You can’t make your makeovers look glamorous without applying eyelashes. Your fragile eye-lashing will arrive safely in custom-made Eyelash Boxes. You can choose from a range of sizes and thicknesses for this tantalizing item. It can be difficult to keep your eyelashes in their original form. You can store your lashes in a sturdy box with an insert to keep them in their original form. However, you can still use them later for secure storage.

    Get Custom eyelash boxes of the highest quality 

    Wholesale eyelash packaging box add a unique touch to your product packaging with their premium packaging stock. These stylish and durable packaging boxes will protect your product from damage by attracting more customers. It is important to keep your eyelashes protected from outside influences like dust particles, bacteria, and air. Their toughness can determine the durability of the product boxes. Eyelash Box packaging can get stronger if we make use of durable packaging materials. Solid packaging boxes have their own charm, which makes it easy for customers to find this product. 

    Eyelashes presented in attractive packaging will draw customers in. Packaging Bee makes eco-friendly, cost-effective, bespoke custom eyelash packaging to promote and brand your business. Your customers will be more impressed by lash packaging made in the book shape with a magnetic close. 

    Additionally, all of our boxes can be recycled and help cosmetics companies to become responsible brands. So, with our help, you can order your product boxes in bulk quantities to get wholesale pricing. Your brand’s building is important, and we assure you that with our quality and excellence in making packaging. Our printing tools are both functional and fashionable, making them an excellent addition to any beauty kit. You can keep all the tools necessary for applying eyelashes in one place without taking up too much space.

    Eye-Catching Eyelash Boxes 

    Customers will choose to shop for other brands if the product’s outlook isn’t appealing or compelling. So, packaging should be attractive and catchy. These boxes are finished with the right touch.

    Packaging Bee technicians offer a dreamy look to their clients with a vibrant finishing touch. The retailers use these boxes to create the perfect viewing experience. Additionally, our printing and packaging services are preferred by customers as they ensure that packaging is error-free. So, we guarantee you won’t find such a variety of stock and finishing options for eyelash boxes.

    Custom Printing and Designing of Eyelash Boxes 

    Your eyelashes can be enhanced by digital printing your logo. Eyelash packaging is more appealing because it contains important instructions. The eyelash packaging boxes are attractively designed with captivating images and fonts that encourage buyers to buy them.

    Packaging Bee can add your logo and other important information to enhance the value of your product. To process your order, we use only the finest stock and ink. Furthermore, our professionals can add high-quality lamination, UV coatings, and gold and silver foil to your order. The box will have a stunning look thanks to embossing. So, the buyer can inspect the eyelashes inside the box using the window patch quality.

    The material used to make custom eyelash boxes 

    The eyelash boxes can be made from different materials. These are the main materials Packaging Bee use:

    • Cardboard
    • The stock of card stock
    • Kraft paper

    As mentioned, all materials have different thicknesses and offer different features. It all depends on the choices of clients. Packaging Bee is very sensitive in choosing the right thickness of cardboard. Also, you can print boxes with any type of printing or colour as they are used for prevention. Furthermore, we offer eco-friendly packaging to help improve the environment.

    Custom Sizes & Styles of Eyelash Boxes 

    Packaging Bee offers custom eyelash boxes in all sizes. The options are endless. We created custom eyelash display boxes of various designs. These include:

    • Two-piece boxes
    • Sleeve boxes
    • Reverse Tuck End boxes 
    • Straight truck end boxes

    Eyelash Boxes at a Discount 

    Packaging Bee offers wholesale eyelash boxes that will benefit retailers. Our designers and technicians can manufacture them in incredible quantities. Also, our number one priority is your satisfaction. You can buy boxes in wholesale quantity to save time and money. The variety of eyelash packaging boxes will delight you.

    Packaging Bee offers wholesale pricing on eyelash packaging! You can design boxes to any size and product-specific shape. Our eyelash packaging team can make any design that you want. Thus, we can quickly make custom lash packaging and provide other services to packaging clients, such as manufacturing paper, coating, and other services. We can help you design your box at a low cost. Plus, we offer eyelash packaging to suit all types of eyelashes. We have clients that range from startups looking to make their first batch of eyelashes to established brands seeking a refresh on their product lines.

    So, from creating a template for eyelash packaging boxes to individual design work to designing and manufacturing custom pieces that match your branding perfectly, we’ve done it all. Therefore, we can help you find the right solution for you, no matter what product you sell or where your business is at.






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