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A chocolate box is essential to keep chocolates from melting away and to keep their quality at the place. Moreover, every other person is a chocolate lover, which makes the market tough. The reason is that as the ratio of people loving chocolates is high, so many chocolate manufacturing companies in the market make the competition tough. For this reason, brands need to take some measures to stand out.

There is nothing better than the chocolate box, and you will find no better company than Packaging Bee to get them. The reason why you should come straight to us is that we hire experts who guarantee excellent results and design boxes that do their job well.

Apart from that, we prioritise customer’s satisfaction and that is what makes us best of all. Moreover, our experts make sure that customers find no error in the packaging and will definitely come again to avail amazing services of our company.

So, to get packaging that adds to the beauty of the product and earn incredible ROI, contact us immediately.



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    Who does not love chocolates? Everyone does. The reason is that the moment it melts in the mouth, it takes the person to another world. Additionally, due to the high love of people for chocolates, the manufacturers provide low-calorie dark chocolate as well. So, people who avoid sugar or are on a diet can go for dark chocolate. That means you do not have to deprive yourself of chocolate.

    However, chocolate boxes here matter a lot, and the packaging company is the master here. So, go for an experienced company which knows its work well. The good news is that you do not have to look far. Packaging Bee is at your service and is one of the best packaging companies in Australia.

    We provide packaging that is best¸ to keep chocolates safe and display them in a way that always appeals to customers.

    We use sturdy packaging material for chocolate packaging, which saves chocolates from melting away:

    Packaging material matters a lot in chocolate gift box designing. The reason is that hot weather and pressure can damage the chocolates and their presentation. For this reason, packaging matters a lot. To design boxes that are durable and protect chocolates in all situations, durable packaging is essential, and we provide you with that. Here are some packaging materials that are best of all and ensure product protection.

    • Cardboard
    • Cardstock
    • Kraft
    • Corrugated

    Cardboard and cardstock are the thickest forms of paper thus are lightweight packaging materials. However, its lightweight does not make the material less durable but reduces the shipping cost, so they are high in demand. However, the thickness we provide ranges from 12pt to 14pt, which is enough for protection. If you want more thickness, we offer pasting as well.

    Apart from that, if you want something environmentally friendly, we provide you with that as well. In fact, all our packaging materials are recyclable. However, if you want something 100% recyclable, kraft is the best option. Additionally, kraft boxes protect products like all other packaging materials but are affordable than all. Furthermore, the thickness we provide ranges from 14pt to 22pt. The option of pasting is available for kraft as well.

    Get chocolate box packaging from us and promote your brand:

    The tough competition in the market demands some strategies for marketing to get success. As you all know, packaging helps a lot in brand promotion. We design boxes that can help brands get successful.

    First of all, our experts print brand names on the packaging, which builds brand recognition and advertise your product, among other options. Apart from that, as there are different flavours in chocolates, mentioning them helps customers in picking the right product. So, we print all essential details on the packaging because the more you ease customers, the more they become brand loyal.

    The printing methods we use for printing are as follows.

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Screen printing

    Offset printing is best if you want to print boxes in bulk. Otherwise, it can get expensive.

    However, digital printing is ideal for printing boxes in a limited amount. So, digital printing is the best for people who want to print a limited number of boxes.

    Screen printing is another printing option. It involves a mesh that helps in printing on the box surface.

    Make your celebrations special with our celebration chocolate box:

    Chocolates are the best for celebrations and as a present. It is because the sight of chocolates always makes people happy and there is no better alternative to celebrate happy moments. For this reason, gift-worthy designing boxes is essential, and we have got you covered.

    We use different add-ons which give chocolate gift boxes a perfect presentation. The add-ons we use are as follows:

    • Foiling
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • UV spotting
    • Windows

    We offer foiling in almost every colour to give chocolate packaging a luxurious look because that is what customers want. However, gold and silver foiling are still high in demand as it gives a royal look to the product.

    Embossing and debossing are the best for highlighting printing. Embossing raises the printing from the box surface and debossing recesses it in the ground.

    Windows are like icing on the cake for chocolate packaging. Die-cut and PVC window cut are the two amazing window styles. A Die-cut window allows touching the product as well, so it is best for secondary packaging. Conversely, the PVC window has a plastic coverage that displays the product perfectly and protects it simultaneously.

    Coatings are essential to give a lasting finish to chocolate box packaging:

    Coatings are significant to secure chocolate box cake from scratches and make the product pop out. We use two different types of coatings.

    • Matte coating
    • Gloss coating

    If you want a matte and flat finish on the box, matte coating is the best. The reason is that it is dense and has no shine on the box.

    On the other hand, gloss coating is the best if you want a shiny surface for boxes. It has a glow that definitely attracts potential buyers.

    Design your own chocolate box to stand out:

    To stand out, it is essential to look different, and that is why we offer customisation of chocolate box. The reason is that customisation allows you to share your ideas, which adds unique qualities to the box, which help in standing out. Besides, we offer customer’s assistance as well. So, tell us all you want, and we are here to turn your imaginations into reality.

    Why choose Packaging Bee?

    Many companies in the market make the competition tough. Our company is best because we have been in this line for a decade and have experience manufacturing quality boxes.

    ·                   We offer prototypes:

    Do you want to get a final look at the box before manufacturing? Do not worry. We provide you with this. Our company offers 2D and 3D prototypes. So, you can make changes before production if necessary.

    ·                   Safe delivery:

    Do you want to be informed about delivery status? We have got you. Our delivery staff is well-trained, and we keep you updated by text, so you do not have to get restless.

    ·                   24/7 customer care service:

    Want to know at what time you can contact us? You are free to call anytime because our customer care service is available 24 hours.

    So, to know more about us and to place an order, log in to our website






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