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Are you looking for tray and sleeve boxes that stand out on the retail shelves and help set your brand apart from the rest of the competition? If yes, you’re at the right place. Packaging Bee is one of the leading custom printed sleeve boxes wholesale manufacturers. 

We offer a host of paper packaging materials that help you make durable and attractive packaging for your products. When it comes to tray and sleeve boxes, we offer both CMYK and PMS colour models to make your sleeve boxes aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, you can decorate the custom sleeve boxes with add-ons and finishing coats. 

Don’t wait any longer and avail our attractive offers on tray and sleeve boxes today!



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    What Are Tray And Sleeve Boxes?

    Tray and sleeve boxes are two-piece retail packaging boxes. They have a tray that holds the product in place and a separate sleeve that slides over the tray. The sleeve can be printed with attractive designs and colours to make your product stand out on the shelves.

    Why Use Tray And Sleeve Boxes?

    There are many reasons why you should use tray and sleeve boxes for your product packaging. First, these boxes are easy to assemble. You don’t need any special equipment or skills to put the box together. 

    Second, tray and sleeve boxes are highly customizable. You can choose from a wide range of colours, designs, and materials to make your packaging unique. 

    Third, these boxes help boost your product’s sales. Studies have shown that products packaged in eye-catching boxes are more likely to sell than those packaged in plain boxes.

    Fourth, tray and sleeve boxes can be eco-friendly. You can choose from a variety of sustainable materials to make your packaging. 

    Finally, these boxes are cost-effective. You can get them at wholesale prices from Packaging Bee.

    Paper Packaging Materials For Tray And Sleeve Boxes

    At Packaging Bee, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials for your packaging. That’s why we offer a wide range of paper packaging materials that are perfect for tray and sleeve boxes. 

    Corrugated Cardboard

    If you want to make sleeve boxes that can withstand the rigours of long-distance shipping, then corrugated cardboard is the perfect material for you. This material is strong and durable, and it can protect your product from damage during shipping. 

    Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper is another popular choice for tray and sleeve boxes. This material is eco-friendly, and it gives your packaging a rustic look. Kraft paper is also biodegradable, so you can compost it when you’re done with the packaging. 


    Cardstock is a sturdy paper material that is often used for marketing collateral and business cards. This material is also ideal for sleeve boxes. Cardstock is thick and durable enough for making retail box sleeves. And it can be printed with high-quality designs. 

    Rigid Paperboard

    This material is one of the best options if you want to make luxury sleeve boxes. Rigid paperboard is thick and sturdy, and it gives your packaging a high-end look. 

    Printing Techniques For Tray And Sleeves Boxes

    The growing market competition demands that you use the best printing techniques for your packaging. At Packaging Bee, we use state-of-the-art printing equipment to make sure that your tray and sleeve boxes are printed with high-quality designs. 

    Digital Printing

    This is the latest printing technology that offers high-resolution prints. Digital printing is perfect for making full-colour designs and complex graphics. And it doesn’t require a printing plate, so it’s more cost-effective than traditional printing techniques. 

    Offset Printing

    This is the most popular printing technique for making tray and sleeve boxes. Offset printing produces high-quality prints, and it’s suitable for making large batches of packaging. However, this technique requires a printing plate, which can add to the cost of the packaging. 

    Add-Ons And Finishing Coats For Tray And Sleeve Boxes

    One of the best ways to make your custom sleeve boxes look distinct is to add special features and finishes. At Packaging Bee, we offer a wide range of add-ons and finishing coats that can take your packaging to the next level. 

    Spot UV Coating

    A spot UV coating is a clear varnish that is applied to specific areas of your design. This type of coating helps make the colours and graphics on your packaging pop. And it gives your packaging a high-end look. 

    Foil Stamping

    This is a printing technique that uses heat and pressure to apply metallic foil to your packaging. Foil stamping is perfect for making logos and other designs that need to be embossed or debossed. 

    Embossing And Debossing

    Embossing and debossing are printing techniques that use heat and pressure to create raised or recessed designs on your packaging. These techniques can add texture and depth to your design. 

    Matte Finishing Coat

    A matte finishing coat is a clear varnish that is applied to the entire surface of your design. This type of coating gives your packaging a non-glossy finish. And it helps make the colours on your packaging pop. 

    Glossy Finishing Coat

    A glossy finishing coat is a clear varnish that is applied to the entire surface of your design. This type of coating gives your packaging a shiny finish. And it makes the colours on your packaging more vibrant. 


    Die-cutting is a technique that uses a die to cut out custom shapes from your packaging. This technique is perfect for making unique and eye-catching sleeve boxes. 

    Place Your Trust In Packaging Bee For Tray And Sleeve Boxes

    When you partner with Packaging Bee, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality packaging at the most competitive prices. We offer free shipping on all orders, and we have a team of expert designers who can help you create the perfect design for your tray and sleeve boxes. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started.

    How To Order Tray And Sleeve Boxes?

    If you want to order tray and sleeve boxes, simply send us your design, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. You can also request a sample of our packaging before placing your order. To learn more about our packaging services, please contact us today.






    We offer the following packaging materials:

    • Cardstock Material
    • Cardboard Material
    • Corrugated Material
    • Kraft Material
    • Rigid Material

    Yes, we offer 2D, 3D, and physical sampling options for custom sweet boxes. 

    The minimum order quantity for custom sweet boxes is 100 units.


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