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A tea box is a necessity for many reasons. The leading cause of using them is ensuring the hygiene of tea as drinking them is the basic necessity of life worldwide, especially in winters. For this reason, teas have high demand and some people order tea online from different countries if the brand they want is not available in the nearby store. This fact increases the importance of tea packaging even more.

Packaging Bee is the best platform to get tea boxes as our sole purpose is to see our clients grow. Moreover, our intentions are greed free as we do not treat our clients based on money. In fact, our company believes in building a lasting business relationship with customers.

Apart from that, at Packaging Bee, we use quality material and the latest printing methods to design the packaging that can bear pressure and protect the product. Furthermore, our company follows all the packaging designing procedures. Additionally, we guide and satisfy you in every way possible as customer’s satisfaction is our priority.

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    Almost everyone is addicted to tea. Whether in the summer or winters, tea is an essential drink. For this reason, there are many tea brands with different tea box in the market. Now the problem here is that unlimited tea brands in the market make success difficult. For this reason, every brand needs to present its product to appeal to potential buyers and help increase sales.

    Tea packaging can be helpful in this matter. That is why brands must invest in box designing and get packaging that aids in brand promotion. We at Packaging Bee provide packaging that protects the product, promotes the brand, and presents it in a way that increases sales. Furthermore, we hire professional staff who know its work well and design boxes in a way which increases sales and makes your brand one of the best ones.

    Materials we use will help you get customers approval through tea bag packaging:

    The most important thing for tea box designing is its strong base. If the packaging is not durable, it cannot protect tea grains, and humidity can waste it. So, we use high-quality packaging materials, which strengthens the packaging base and ensures product safety. The packaging materials we offer are as follows.

    • Cardboard
    • Cardstock
    • Kraft
    • Corrugated

    Cardboard and cardstock are the most common packaging options for tea box. It is because this packaging material is lightweight and durable. Additionally, we provide thickness ranging from 12pt to 14pt, which is enough for protection. However, if you want to increase the thickness, even more, we give the option of pasting as well.

    Kraft packaging is another option that is high in demand these days. The reason for its high importance over other packaging options is its recyclability. Moreover, we recommend kraft for tea packaging because it locks the essential moisture and keeps the item safe. Additionally, the thickness we provide ranges from 14pt to 22pt, which is enough for protection.

    We offer remarkable tea packaging ideas  for transportation:

    Today, delivery and transportation of products are common. People purchase products online and expect safe delivery. For this reason, our experts recommend corrugated packaging. This packaging material is thick and tough, which ensures product safety during challenging situations. We offer five flutes and each with different thickness levels. So, brands can get them according to their requirements.

    Apart from that, corrugated packaging is printing-friendly which means brands can use the packaging for marketing and brand promotion. That means brands can print anything on the box for product progress and brand marketing.

    Use creative designs for tea packaging Australia to get a better response:

    Creativity is a secret to success. The reason is that uniqueness always attracts customers. It makes them curious about the product, and they end up loving it. So, we provide different box designs and styles which make your product look different. Do you want some templates and designs to know what type of box design you should go with? We have many designs and box styles in the archive. So, you can select the suitable one according to your requirements, and we will make it for you.

    Add-ons we provide help providing attractive and elegant tea boxes Australia to users:

    Like other products, the way tea packaging looks can do wonders for your business. The reason is that using the product which comes in an excellent looking packaging makes other people think good about that person. For this reason, customers prefer buying products that come in packaging with good looks over a simple one.

    So, we at our company offer some add-ons that help give tea gift boxes such amazing features which nobody can resist praising. The embellishments we offer are as follows.

    • Foiling
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Spot UV

    Foiling helps if you want to highlight something on the box. For instance, printing a brand name with foiling will make it prominent on the box. In this way, the logo will grab customer’s attention at once. Similarly, brands can foil the overall box as well if they have enough budget. Moreover, our experts offer to foil in different colours, but gold and silver foiling is still high in demand.

    Embossing and debossing also prove to be ideal choices to highlight printing. Embossing raises the printing, and debossing recesses it.

    Spot UV also helps in making a specific part prominent on the box.

    Use latest printing methods to make tea box functional:

    Brand promotion is essential for business success, and we suggest using packaging for this purpose. The reason is that it is the cheapest and most effective way of brand promotion. All you need to do is to print the brand identity on the box. Similarly, help people in picking the right product by printing essential product details. It helps in increasing the customer base.

    So, for printing, we use the latest printing techniques which guarantee good results. These techniques are as follows.

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Screen printing

    Offset printing takes time and is expensive. Additionally, we prefer this printing method for order in bulk. Otherwise, it can get costly.

    Digital printing, on the other hand, is ideal for small orders. It is cost-effective as well.

    We allow customisation to get error-free tea packaging:

    Do you want to know if you can add your creativity to the box design? So, good news! You can definitely get the packaging the way you want. Just tell our experts your requirements, and they will design you the box that matches your imagination.

    In fact, if you want assistance, our experts are at your service. They assist you free of cost and help in designing packaging that ensures ROI.

    Packaging Bee is a name of trust:

    Packaging Bee has been in this line for more than a decade. So, we know well what our customers demand and how to make them happy. Moreover, our MOQ is 100 units per design. So, it is not compulsory to order boxes in high quantities. You can order a hundred boxes as well. The best part is that we offer discounts on bulk orders as well. Additionally, our delivery time is 8 to 10 working days, and we keep you updated on order status.

    • We provide prototypes for tea box Australia:

    When it comes to boxing design, we offer prototypes for box samples and 2D, 3D mockups for graphic samples to make you satisfied with box design.

    So, hurry up! Rush to our website and place an order right away.







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