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Do you want exceptional and sturdy sweet boxes for your confectionery store? Are you afraid of the tough competition in the market? Do not worry. Packaging Bee has got you covered. We manufacture sweet boxes with custom shapes and sizes, eliminating the chances of crafting the packaging errors. Moreover, sweets need durable packaging to ensure freshness and stability. We manufacture boxes with high-quality packaging material which protect the product in the worst situation. So, our packaging can protect your product from moisture and heat.

Furthermore, we know how to transform your packaging into a marketing tool for branding. We offer customisation, which allows you to design the packaging according to your imagination. You can use add-ons and finishings to enhance the exterior beauty of the product. As beauty fascinates buyers, your packaging with utmost durability and good looks can attract buyers from afar and help increase sales. So, contact Packaging Bee right now if you want a perfect solution for your product. So, do not delay and give us a call now.



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    What Is A Sweet Box?

    As the name refers, these boxes encase sweets of different kinds. It has been in use for decades, and still, many brands invest in the packaging because it can make a difference. Moreover, now these boxes are a great source of brand marketing as well. That is why brands give importance to the packaging equal to the product, as brands cannot ignore the benefits of sweet boxes.

    Reasons Why Sweet Packaging Boxes Are Trending

    Some brands are still confused about the benefits of sweet boxes and wonder what the packaging can do to your business. So, the following are the reasons why these boxes are essential.

    It Provides Valuable Advertising Space

    Brand advertisement is the most important task in this cutthroat market. Due to the never-ending love of people for sweets, there are many confectionery stores, and the competition is tough. So, what can be a solution? You must make your brand reach as many people as possible. Brand advertising can help in increasing the customer base.

    There are different brand advertising methods but do you want something affordable? Packaging can help. Sweet boxes are a great source of advertising. You can print brand details on the packaging. The logo and other details help in advertising your company to large masses.

    You Can Use Them As Giveaways

    These boxes are a great source of giveaways. If you launch a new product, you can use mini sweet boxes to give sweets to your customers as a giveaway. It will advertise your new product and make customers happy as happy customers come again. As these boxes are easy to carry, they are the best option to give complementary products.

    Creates Eco-Friendly Products

    Using eco-friendly packaging can help grab customers’ attention. It helps you fulfil your duty towards the environment and impress buyers as well. It is so because people prefer buying products that come in recyclable packaging to control global warming.

    Gives You Extra Design Flexibility

    Different packaging styles attract buyers as it gives packaging an amazing look. Custom sweet packaging has no limit when it comes to box designing. You can choose the packaging style of your choice and use other techniques to design the packaging amazingly.

    Creates A Luxurious Impression

    Sweet packaging with high quality packaging material and add-ons for premium looks help design boxes beautifully, increasing sales. Additionally, the aura of luxury around the product can ensure more buyers as beauty always attract buyers.

    Benefits Of Using A Finishing Coat On Your Sweet Boxes

    Adding a protective layer on the packaging can give an aesthetically amazing look to the box. Following are the benefits of using finishing coats.

    Protects The Product 

    Coatings make a protective layer around the packaging. So, it helps save the box surface from scratches.

    Prevents Discoloration 

    Another benefit of using coatings is that it prevents boxes from discolouration. It prevents the packaging from getting yellowed with time which is the worst thing as it damages the product exterior.  

    Helps Prevent Moisture Damage

    Moisture can make the product soggy. For this reason, preventing the packaging from moisture is essential, and coatings can help in this case.

    Finishing Coats For Sweet Packaging Box

    Now you know the benefits of coatings, do you want to know about some coating types? Following are the coatings we offer at Packaging Bee.

    • Matte coating
    • Gloss coating
    • Varnish coating
    • Soft-touch coating

    Matte Finish

    Matte coating gives a dense and flat look to the box. Moreover, this coat9ing highlight the bold design and printing on the box. That is why it is the best option to present your products beautifully and elegantly on the counter shelves.

    Gloss Finish

    Gloss coating gives a shiny surface to the packaging. It also adds vibrancy to the box surface. Additionally, the shiny surface tends to attract more people.

    Varnish Finish

    This coating gives an additional layer to the box, which protects the box surface. So, if you want a shiny surface and box protection, varnish coating is your option.

    Add-Ons To Improve The Looks & Functionality

    Along with product safety and its high quality, the beauty of the packaging matters as well. Moreover, sweets play a big role on occasions and special events. So, the packaging should look good as well. We offer different add-ons that help design packaging beautifully and give it a luxurious look that never fails to attract buyers.

    Following are the add-ons we offer for box designing.

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Spot UV
    • Window patching
    • foiling


    Embossing helps in highlighting the printing on the box. For instance, if you emboss the logo on the packaging, it will be visible even from afar. In embossing, the text is raised above the box surface.


    Debossing does the same as embossing. However, in debossing, the text is recessed into the box surface.

    Spot UV

    Spot UV helps in highlighting the specific part of the box. It gives a shine to that specific area where you use spot UV.

    Window Patching

    Window patching showcases the product, which can attract buyers. It is so because seeing the product through the window always attract buyers.


    Foiling gives a luxurious look to the packaging. People buy them for occasions. So, you can get special boxes for such customers. To make these boxes look premium, foiling is the best option. We offer foil stamping in many colours, but gold and silver foiling are the most common ones. The reason is that they give a royal look to the packaging.

    Printing Techniques For Sweet Boxes

    Brand advertisement is essential to get a reputable place in the market and to get incredible sales. There are different advertising tools in the market, but we design boxes that represent your company and help in brand promotion.

    The brand logo and other details on the packaging can help increase the customer base. However, choosing a suitable printing technique is important as it affects your budget.

    Following are the printing techniques we use for box printing.

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing

    Digital Printing Technique

    This printing method is ideal for small orders. If you are a new brand and want boxes in bulk, digital printing is the ideal choice. It is affordable and takes less time in printing. Therefore, digital printing is suitable for limited orders.

    Offset Printing Technique

    Offset printing gives a fine finishing to the printing. This printing method is ideal and affordable for boxes in bulk. Otherwise, it can be costly.

    Colour Models For Sweet Boxes

    Colours can change the overall look of the box. You can get custom sweet boxes in the colour of your choice. As colours can be a source of brand promotion, selecting a unique and elegant colour combination can really create a difference.

    Following are the colour models we offer

    • CMYK
    • PMS

    In the CMYK colour model, colours are made by mixing the flour colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, and Black. However, PMS has a wider shade range, but the colour model is more expensive than CMYK.

    Why Packaging Bee?

    If you want sweet packaging which is durable, affordable, and presentable, choosing the right packaging company is essential. Packaging Bee is an experienced company working in this line for a decade.

    We hire professional staff who know every detail of designing boxes that ensure high sales. Additionally, we offer customisation to allow brands to design the packaging as per their need. We also provide prototypes for our valuable customers to let them ensure that the box model meets their expectations. We offer 2D and 3 D prototyping as per customers’ demand. Additionally, our company offer physical sampling on-demand as well. The main purpose of our company is to satisfy customers and design them the packaging that meets their expectations.

    So, to get sweet boxes from Packaging Bee or know more about us, give us a call now.






    We offer the following packaging materials:

    • Cardstock Material
    • Cardboard Material
    • Corrugated Material
    • Kraft Material
    • Rigid Material

    Yes, we offer 2D, 3D, and physical sampling options for custom sweet boxes. 

    The minimum order quantity for custom sweet boxes is 100 units.


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