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Looking for a way to package your pastries attractively and elegantly? Look no further than our pastry boxes. We at PackagingBee provide boxes made of high-quality materials and designed to showcase your pastries in the best light possible. Not only are our boxes beautiful, but they’re also affordable and easy to use.

Moreover, our pastry boxes come in three different sizes like small, medium, and large. They’re made of sturdy cardboard and are covered in a beautiful, high-quality laminate. This laminate not only looks great but also helps protect your pastries from damage.

Additionally, our printing and add-ons give boxes such amazing qualities that guarantee profit and ensure incredible ROI.

So, if you want to take advantage of our services, contact our readers right away.



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    Pastry boxes are specially designed boxes that are used to carry pastries. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials.

    Pastry packaging plays an important role in the sale of pastries. They protect the pastries from damage and also help to promote them by providing a visual display. In addition, they make it easy for customers to carry their purchases home.

    Our company offers a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and other features of box designing, which enhances its appearance on the counter shelf. Similarly, the printing on packaging helps in brand promotion without breaking the bank.

    Pastry Box Requires Durability To Secure Product:

    People love to eat gooey, fresh, and soft pastry. Moreover, it loses its worth if it gets hard. For this reason, packing pastries properly is essential to keep their freshness on point for a longer time.

    We at PackagingBee manufacture boxes using high-quality material, which ensures product safety in all situations. Similarly, as weather affects bakery products a lot, we make boxes that guarantee the safety of pastries and make them deliver fresh from the oven.

    There are different packaging options we provide, which are as follows:

    • Cardstock
    • Corrugated
    • Kraft:
    • Rigid


    For brands that want durable yet lightweight packaging, cardstock is the best option. The reason is that it is light in weight and flexible, which make it easy to assemble. Similarly, easy making and no extra effort in manufacturing make it cost-effective as well. We offer cardstock in thickness ranges from 12pt to 114pt.


    In the current situation of the pandemic, people prefer to deliver at home whatever they crave. It is because safety comes first. We care for your product safety as well. That is why at our company we offer corrugated packaging that is specially designed for product transportation. The reason is the flutes which give additional layers to the box and increase its strength.

    Additionally, the flutes we offer are A, B, C, E, and F. You can use more than one flute per the thickness you want for the box.


    Kraft uses sustainable materials like sugarcane fibre that has been recycled and certified non-toxic. That is the main reason for the increasing demand for kraft boxes. The best part is that they are durable, recyclable, and affordable. The brown colour of kraft makes it unique and enhance the printing content on the box.

    We provide kraft boxes with thicknesses ranging from 14pt to 22pt. You can increase thickness with pasting.


    Luxurious products like jewellery and perfumes need luxury packaging as well. We suggest rigid boxes for such products because the packaging is sturdy and stylish, which brands want and buyers’ demand.

    Make Pastry Packaging A Marketing Tool With Premium Printing:

    The competition for bakers is tough as there are bakeries at every corner of the street. Home bakers make the competition even tougher. For this reason, marketing is essential to make a place in the market and people’s hearts.

    However, it is not as simple as it looks. You may need heavy investments. But not anymore. Now there are affordable advertising solutions, and pastry boxes are one of them. By printing all essential content on the packaging, you make it a communication tool for buyers and maximise product value.

    Furthermore, we use modern and premium printing methods to provide our customers with top-notch results. Here are some printing methods we offer:

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing

    Which printing method you choose depends on you and the number of boxes you want.

    Add Value To The Pastry Boxes By Adding Colours:

    Boxes are incomplete without colours. Gone is the time when packaging was used for security only. Now people judge the product quality and brand standards based on boxes. For this reason, investing in packaging is essential as it guarantees ROI.

    The colour models we offer are as follows:

    • CMYK
    • PMS

    Grab Customer’s Attention From Pastry Packaging With Add-Ons:

    Today, boxes perform many other purposes than sole protection. With the increased competition in the market, using different tools to make your place is essential. Here is when boxes do their magic. Since packaging affects customers’ perceptions about the product, we use different add-ons to give pastry boxes a striking look. Getting inspired with the appearance, people will want to buy from you.

    Here are some add-ons we offer.

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Spot UV
    • Window patching
    • Foiling:

    Embossing and debossing

    Embossing raises the design patterns on the box. Additionally, it helps to enhance the printing content on the logo and make it easily readable.

    Conversely, debossing depresses the printing and designs on the box.

    Spot UV

    Spot UV provides shine to the box surface. Similarly, it gives an extra texture that grabs customers instantly. As boxes with shiny surfaces attract customers, it helps in increasing sales.

    Window patching

    By adding window patches, you allow customers to sneak through the box to see the product inside. Therefore, buyers can purchase more comfortably. Simply cut the required patch from the box and add a piece of plastic. It will display the product and keep it safe as well.  

    You can get a pastry box with all these add-ons from us with premium results.

    Improve The Appearance Of The Puff Pastry Box With Finishing Quotes

    Finishing is essential to give the packaging a unique texture. It adds the factor of elegance to the puff pastry box, which increases the sales pitch. Similarly, it doubles the life of the box as these layers protect the packaging from scratches.

    The coatings we offer are as follows:

    • Matte coating:
    • Gloss coating:
    • Varnish coating:
    • Soft-touch coating:

    We Provide Sampling Options for Pastry Boxes

    Prototypes are important because they ensure customers the quality of the box. As a result, they can make changes if required and get rid of the scary surprises of bad manufacturing results.

    The prototypes include:

    • 2D
    • 3D
    • Physical


    Do you want to take advantage of our premium pastry boxes to get incredible profit? If so, hurry up and place your order now. Go to our website to get detailed information or give us a call.



    No, we do not offer any extra cost. In fact, we offer free expert assistance so our customers can get professional consultancy which aids good packaging results. We do not charge an extra fee for dies and plates. So, feel free to place the order.

    The average delivery time for pastry box delivery is 8 to 10 days. However, if you want your package on an urgent basis, we reduce the time to 6 to 8 days, but it will cost you a bit more.







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