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Your business needs a true heavyweight envelope when it comes to mailing with reliable measurements and lifespans! Our great custom mailer boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find what fits best with your needs! 

The maximum capacity of these packages starts at up to one pound, which means they hold more than you think! We also provide options from printable images or text on the front flap for branding purposes.

Clients have been using our mailer packaging steadily since the time we launched. Rest assured, there is the power behind all of our packaging, and you can shift it to your products.

Send your packages and messages, and send them in style! Mailer Packaging is the perfect way to market and protect your products. While shopping around your products, you must have noticed that some have low-quality packaging materials which damage the products or void warranties on them.



Starting From 100 Boxes
High Quality Offset Printing
Custom Sizes & Style
8-10 Business Day Turnaround
Free Shipping

We understand what you need to kick your business up a notch because we’ve got the answer to all your problems right here with our mailer boxes.

Our mailer packages include endless extras like gum content, adhesive closure stickers, and eye-catching designs for blowing away customers every time they come across your name. So, take that leap into how great it could be!

Benefits of Using Mailer Packaging

Custom mailer boxes are designed to introduce your business and products in an interesting way. Sending out promotional mailers is a great option for those on a tight marketing budget. With custom packaging, the possibilities are nearly endless. Add graphics, decorations, and branding to pack your message with excitement at affordability through new packages from us.

Customized mailer boxes are the most efficient way to package. Here’s why:

  • Cost Saving

With prices almost 50% cheaper than buying other types of boxes, you’ll be able to save money on all of your products without compromising quality. And let’s not forget our prompt turnaround time! Custom printed packaging is shipped in just 5-6 business days for FREE. So, even if you need 20,000 packages next week – we got you covered!

  • Saving The Environment

Shipping containers are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases around the world, but by using personalized, eco-friendly mailer boxes, there will be less waste being produced and fewer materials being used overall for shipping.

  • Extra Space

One of the many benefits of custom mailer packaging is that you can use less packaging material to ship your products. With custom-sized containers, you’re only using the paper necessary for your package size and not wasting an inch or two with excess cardboard that’s just going to be wasted.

Mailer container boxes also create a neat package that stands up well at retail and has an appealing and professional look and feel, so people know they’re getting their item in first-class confidence.

Well-known Types of Custom Mailer Boxes

While you can have any type of mailer box from us, these are some of the well-known types of mailer packaging boxes that we offer:

  • Tuck Top Mailer Boxes

Tuck-top types of custom mailer boxes are considered to be the leading kind of mailer boxes. They offer a variety of different options when it comes to marketing, which is one reason why they are preferred over other types in various industries.

The Tuck-top type is an economically sound yet highly presentable packaging option that will increase brand recognition and loyalty among customers. You can place your order for tuck-top mailer boxes now and enjoy amazing discounts.

  • Flat Mailer Boxes

No one would want to wait for an eternity while their package plops, crashes, and slides around in the back of a truck. That’s why we use offer flat mailer boxes that are designed not only to securely protect your items but also ensure they remain free of damage.

Choose from either our standard line made up of corrugated cardboard or linen paperboards with extra protection features like corner guards and full-length panels to keep everything inside safe.

Need something more heavy-duty? Our premium kraft stock is guaranteed tough enough for even the toughest delivery services – so you can breathe easy knowing your next shipment will be on time! And don’t forget about our custom work! Putting together your perfect box is as simple as choosing.

  • Tab Lock Mailer Boxes

Our self-locking Tab lock mailer boxes are loved by the e-commerce, electronics industry and many others because of their incredible unboxing experience. The locking panels on these mailers ensure that it is reliable throughout transit, while an extra panel for weather sealing means you won’t have to worry about your products getting damaged when they’re not in use.

This self-locking mailer box means the life of your product is guaranteed; it’s durable and holds up to even the most intense of conditions, so you can be confident in how safe your goods are on their journey. Customized with a design that compliments your product, this mailer box will ensure unboxing joy for anyone who tries it out!

We can customize this kind of packages to suit your needs and design them so that they complement your product.

  • Folding Boxes

When faced with a stack of boxes that need to be assembled, the task can seem daunting and time-consuming. But wait! Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. These folding mailer boxes make assembly quick and painless by offering simple tuck closures and easy folding features.

The durable design ensures your packages will arrive at their destinations safely and sound – all without having to purchase any additional equipment or supplies. Make more deliveries faster by adding these boxes on for just a fraction of what it would cost to buy new ones outright, so you have more time for other important tasks like snatching up some awesome clients before they’re gone forever!

Materials We Use for Mailer Packaging

There is a variety of materials that we use for mailer packaging, and it all depends upon what are the requirements of the customers. Following are some of the packaging materials that you can get your mailer packaging in, and after reading the characteristic of every material, you can easily decide the material that you want.

  • Cardboard 

One of the main reasons why cardboard is a good material for packaging is because it can be recycled. Cardboard is also an environmentally-friendly material to use when it comes to packaging. Another reason why cardboard is good for packaging is that it is lightweight.

However, make sure you keep your packaging sturdy enough to avoid having any damages or injuries when the package gets delivered. Lightweight materials like cardboard are also easier to transport, and if your product is lightweight, cardboard is a perfect packaging material.

  • Cardstock

Cardstock is one of the most cost-effective packaging materials due to its durability and barrier properties. All products are required to comply with the guidelines set by the FDA for food contact. This entitles products made of cardstock to be used in direct contact with food products like dairy, sauces, liquids, and canned goods.

Cardstock has also been deemed safe for reuse. Even though there are concerns about the recycled content being contaminated, it is still better than paper or plastic that cannot be recycled at all. Cardstock is also recyclable because it’s durable enough to withstand multiple recycling processes. Given how cardstock can be reused, this also makes it a very cost-effective packaging material.

  • Kraft

Kraft packaging material is an excellent option for packaging since it has many benefits. It’s easy to store because it’s easily stackable. It’s also resistant to moisture and chemicals, which is good if the product will be sitting on a shelf for a long time or if it needs to sit next to other products that are likely to leak.

It saves customers money because they don’t have to spend money on packing tape or any other kind of labour-intensive packing materials. The kraft paper absorbs ink better than traditional paper, so your package won’t smudge when you apply labels. Furthermore, Kraft paper is recyclable, so you can help save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Corrugated

Corrugated material is an optimal packaging option because it provides a high level of protection for the products being shipped. It also allows the corrugated packaging to be made in many different ways that are suited for various needs.

Corrugated material can also be recycled or easily disposed of, which helps protect the environment. Another great feature of corrugated material is the ability to customize it for different types of products. In its raw form, it can be used with larger items to be packed in it, while smaller items may require bubble wrap or other special packing materials.

  • Rigid

Rigid packaging material is an important part of the supply chain and plays a key role in improving product quality, safety and shelf-life. Rigid packaging can provide an assortment of benefits which include: sanitation, strength and structural integrity, lightweight and fast production rates. 

Rigid packaging material can also provide an assortment of benefits to the product being packaged. For certain products, it may be difficult to find a material that adequately protects the product during storage and shipment.


In this case, using applications such as shrink-wrap or stretch-wrap around the item will be necessary. However, when you use rigid packaging material, you can just trust it to protect your items and forget about other packaging applications.




This section takes a look at some of the frequently asked questions about custom mailer packaging boxes:

Cardboard, cardstock, and kraft packaging materials are usually used in the manufacturing of mailer boxes. However, it depends upon the packaging requirement, as a fragile item will require a mailer box made of kraft material, while a strong item can be packed and shipped easily in cardboard mailer boxes.

We have always strived to offer the quickest delivery options to our clients, and we take pride in making sure that all our orders are delivered within 5-7 business days. However, you can still order for rush delivery if you want your boxes delivered before the normal turnaround time.






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