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Are your customers demanding burger boxes that help protect their tasty meals while looking attractive? If that is the case, you’re at the right place. Packaging Bee helps you design and make the best custom burger boxes in town. We offer ready-made templates that you can customise per your specific packaging needs. 

You can choose from various packaging materials to ensure you have the perfect base to make a durable burger box that can showcase your brand. Decorate your burger packaging using our selection of printing techniques and colour models. However, that is not all. Why not give your customers something that they have never seen? Use our add-ons and finishing coats to stand out from the popular brands. 

Connect with us now, and let’s make something that leaves your competitors in the dust!



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    What Are Burger Boxes?

    Burger boxes are a type of packaging that is specifically designed to house burgers. They are made out of sturdy materials that can protect the burgers from damage. They often come in a variety of colours and designs. Burger boxes can also be decorated with logos and other graphics to promote a brand or product.

    There are many different types of burger boxes available on the market, each with its unique features. Some boxes come with compartments that can hold condiments or napkins, while others have special inserts that can keep the burgers warm. There are even boxes that are designed to look like giant hamburgers!

    Burger boxes are a great way to promote your restaurant or product and set yourself apart from the competition.

    Packaging Materials For Burger Boxes

    When packaging your burgers, it is important to choose the right material. The material you choose will determine the durability and appearance of your burger boxes. It is also important to consider the environmental impact of your choices.

    Some of the most popular materials we offer for family burger box include:

    • Corrugated Packaging Material
    • Cardstock Packaging Material
    • Kraft Packaging Material
    • Rigid Packaging Material

    Corrugated Packaging Material

    If you want to make a durable family burger box, look no further than the corrugated packaging material. This option is not only durable, but it’s also lightweight and cost-effective. It is a popular choice for businesses that ship packages and those that sell food to families, especially those with young children.

    Cardstock Packaging Material

    The cardstock material can be ideal for making lightweight yet beautiful burger packaging. This material is a fantastic choice for restaurants that serve small meals, as it is thin and easily shaped.

    Kraft Packaging Material

    A burger box made using Kraft material is a wonderful tool to portray your brand as environmentally conscious. That is because Kraft material is biodegradable and can be recycled.

    Rigid Packaging Material

    Suppose you need a burger box that is more durable than the cardstock material but not as thick as a corrugated burger box. In that case, the rigid packaging material is a great option. It can be decorated in any way you need, and it comes in many different colours and designs.

    So are you looking to create packaging that can stand up to reds burger box? You need the right packaging material to do that and the experts at Packaging Bee can help you pick the ideal one. 

    Custom Printing On Burger Boxes

    Custom printing is a great way to make your burger boxes stand out from the competition. You can use various printing techniques and colour models to create a unique look representing your brand or product.

    We offer a variety of printing techniques that you can use to decorate your family burger box , including:

    • Digital Printing
    • Offset Printing

    Digital Printing

    If you need a quick and easy way to print your designs, digital printing is the perfect option. This printing technique uses specialised software and hardware to create high-quality prints in a short amount of time.

    Offset Printing

    Offset printing offers a variety of advantages, including durability and vibrant colours. This option is a cost-effective method to create a large volume of prints, but it can also be time-consuming. It is especially useful to print the same design on many boxes.

    Colour Models For Burger Boxes

    When it comes to choosing the right colour for your burger boxes, there are a few things you need to consider. One of those is the colour model you will use to create various shades on the burger packaging. 

    The following options can help you transform your simple burger box into a modern masterpiece:

    • PMS Colour Model
    • CMYK Colour Model

    PMS Colour Model

    This model offers a matching system to create hundreds of different shades. That means you can create a clean and professional look for your burger packaging without needing to use multiple colour models.

    Furthermore, you can accurately match your brand colours using this system.

    CMYK Colour Model

    The CMYK colour model is the best choice to make vibrant colours ideal for food packaging. This colour model uses four inks to produce deep, rich colours that help your burger boxes stand out from the competition.

    Add-Ons For Burger Boxes

    Imagine making a simple cardboard packaging for food products. Customers won’t be attracted to it. That is why we offer add-ons that can help you make your burger boxes look more attractive.

    We offer the following add-ons that can be attached to your burger packaging:

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Spot UV
    • Hot Foiling
    • Window Patching

    Finishing Coats For Burger Boxes

    Our finishing coats are best used to make your burger packaging more aesthetically pleasing. However, that is not all. They are also a good way to add another layer of protection to your burger boxes.

    The following options are some of our most popular finishing coats:

    • Matte Finishing Coat
    • Varnish Finishing Coat
    • Gloss Finishing Coat
    • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

    Custom Burger Boxes — Our Speciality

    At Packaging Bee, we want our clients to make a strong first impression. That is why we offer custom burger boxes to make your brand stand out.

    We offer various customisations that help you create the burger box of your dreams. Our prototyping options help ensure you don’t make any design mistakes before giving us the go-ahead for bulk production. 


    Yes absolutely. Our designers can help you create a unique final product. You can talk to them about your idea, and they will make it a reality.

    Large-scale production takes time, but we are dedicated to providing speedy service. You will get your custom burger boxes in just 8-10 days. However, we also offer express delivery options.

    We’re happy to answer all your questions. Our customer care representatives are available to speak to you as much as you need.







    We offer the following packaging materials:

    • Cardstock Material
    • Cardboard Material
    • Corrugated Material
    • Kraft Material
    • Rigid Material

    Yes, we offer 2D, 3D, and physical sampling options for custom sweet boxes. 

    The minimum order quantity for custom sweet boxes is 100 units.


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