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Custom Mailer Boxes: How To Package Your Retail Products

Do you want to make your products stand out in the mail? Do you want to give purchasers a sense of excitement when they receive their purchase? If so, then custom mailer boxes are the way to go! Mailer boxes are typically designed for retail products. They can be customized with printing or artwork for an additional cost. Many people don’t know that you can customize these packing supplies with your logo, colors, and text. 

Mailer boxes are a staple in the retail industry. They are used for packaging products for shipping or storage. The benefits of using custom mailer boxes are that packages will look more professional, and there is less risk of damage during shipping. Mailer packaging can help make your company stand out from your competitors by giving it a personal touch!

Why Should You Go For Custom Mailer Boxes?

How much time do you spend packaging your retail products? If it’s not enough, you should look at custom mailer boxes. These are great for any company that needs to package its products before sending them out. Customizing these boxes is an option, so they match the company’s branding ordering them in bulk. This post will talk about what mailer boxes are and what they can be used for. We’ll also go over customization options and the benefits of using this type of packaging in general!

Custom Mailer Boxes Are Useful In Many Ways:

Custom mailer boxes can be used to pack retail products, but they’re also great for mailing out important documents or even samples! Some companies will use these, instead of poly bags because it’s not as wasteful, and the final product is much more professional looking. Customizing mailer packaging with brand logos, colors, etc., adds a level of professionalism that customers appreciate when receiving their items in the mail. 

Customization Options For Mailer Boxes:

When ordering custom mailer boxes, there are many customization options available. In addition to choosing the shape and size of the box, companies can customize the color and logo to fit their brand. This is a great way to market products because customers will easily recognize your company’s branding on various types of packaging – not just on the product itself!

Many different materials are used for custom mailer boxes, including paperboard or corrugated cardboard. The material chosen depends on what you’re mailing out as well as how much weight it needs to hold. 

Packaging Materials To Craft Mailer Boxes

Selecting a packaging material is the first step in creating a mailer box. The type of product you are shipping and the environment it will be travelling in will help determine the best material for your mailer box. Corrugated cardboard may be the best option if you are shipping a lightweight item. Heavier items can be packaged using mailer packaging crafted with rigid paperboard and denser materials. 

Once you have selected the material for your mailer box, it is time to design the box itself. 

Deciding Dimensions And Shape Of A Mailer Box

The most common shape for a mailer box is rectangular, but other shapes are also available. You will need to determine the dimensions of your mailer box, as well as the thickness of the walls and flaps.

Protective Features For Mailer Boxes

If you are shipping a product that needs protection from moisture or damage during transit, you may want to consider adding features such as an inner liner or foam inserts into your mailer packaging. 

Closure Options For Mailer Boxes

You can also add closure mechanisms such as adhesive tape, velcro strips, or magnets to keep the lid of your mailer packaging in place. Customizing your mailer box with these features can help ensure that your product arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

There are many benefits to using custom mailer boxes for your retail products. Customizing your mailer box can help create a unique and memorable brand experience for your customers. Additionally, customized mailer boxes provide protection for your product during transit and can be an effective marketing tool. 

When choosing a packaging material and designing your mailer box, keep the environment and weight of the product in mind to ensure that it arrives at its destination safely and looks great. If you need assistance with creating a custom mailer box for your business, contact Packaging Bee today!

Benefits Of Using Custom Mailer Boxes:

There are many benefits to using custom mailer boxes as opposed to other types of packaging. 

  • They’re more professional looking and can be customized with a company’s branding. This makes it easy for customers to identify the sender and helps promote the company’s products. 
  • Mailer boxes are also sturdy and can hold a lot of weight without breaking, making them ideal for shipping products. 
  • Also, they come in many shapes and sizes, so companies can find one that fits their product perfectly!
  • Custom mailer boxes are less wasteful than poly bags and can be recycled after use. 
  • Finally, they’re a great way to market products because of their unique design and branding potential.
  • Overall, mailing out products in custom packaging like this shows quality control because companies want to ensure that their products arrive safely at their destination.

In conclusion, custom mailer boxes are a great option for mailing out retail products to customers because they’re more professional looking and help promote the company’s branding. They’re sturdy and can hold a lot of weight without breaking, and come in many different shapes and sizes, so companies don’t need to worry about finding one that fits perfectly! Customizing them is an easy way to market your product as well – so your search for custom mailer boxes ends here with Packaging Bee. We can create for you the most reliable mailer boxes to ship your products safely to the customers. Just give us a call!


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