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10 Tips That Help Make Display Boxes Promote Your Brand

Customers want to form a personal connection with brands. They want to be part of the success of brands and want to interact with the companies. One of the best ways to offer that insight to customers is by creating packaging that can serve as an extension of the brand itself. Custom display boxes can be an excellent packaging solution that displays your products and your brand vision.

This blog will give you helpful tips on transforming your display boxes into branding tools. Let’s begin.

1. Make It Unique & Innovative

Custom display packaging can engage your customers unlike anything else. It is not meant to be generic or mass market. Custom boxes offer something different and possibly edgy. With all of the opportunities that exist with custom display boxes, there is no reason not to be innovative.

2. Use Eye-Catching Graphics

A big part of any marketing strategy is graphics. They need to be eye-catching and draw the customer in. With custom display boxes, you have even more opportunities for creative graphics that will set your product apart. Utilize colours, fonts, and images to make your display boxes creative and eye-catching.

3. Offer Variety

Custom display boxes allow you to offer variety. It means customizing for different products or offering several varieties of one product. You can even do two-sided custom boxes that highlight different areas on each side. The possibilities are endless, so offering variety is a key element of custom boxes.

4. Use It To Communicate Your Brand Vision

Your brand vision should be at the heart of everything you do, including your packaging. Custom display boxes are the perfect opportunity to communicate that vision to your customers. Utilize all of the design elements at your disposal to create a box that reflects your brand’s values and goals.

5. Stand Out From The Competition

Competition is fierce in today’s marketplace. Distinguishing your brand from the rest of the competition is more vital than ever. Custom display boxes offer you a unique way to do just that. Utilize all the design options at your disposal to create boxes that are different from anything else on the market. That will help you make your own mark in the market and grab the attention of your target audience.

6. Use It To Tell Your Story

Your brand story is one of the most important tools in marketing your products. Custom display boxes are the perfect place to tell that story. Utilize text, images, and design elements to create a narrative that tells your brand’s story and its products.

7. Make It Interactive

Interactive custom display boxes encourage customers to participate in the purchase process. In other words, they are more than objects that sit on a shelf until someone buys them. Utilize features such as scratching off panels or peeling away layers to give customers a sense of involvement and excitement.

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8. Use It To Educate Customers

Customers love learning about the products they buy. They also appreciate being educated on how to use those products. Custom display boxes can be used to educate customers on both fronts. Utilize text, images, and design elements to create a box that provides information on your products and how to use them.

9. Use It To Highlight Special Features

Special features are one of the main selling points of your products. Custom display box are the perfect place to highlight those features. Utilize text, images, and design elements to create a box that showcases the unique aspects of your products. That will help to persuade customers to buy them.

10. Create A Unifying Theme

A unifying theme is an important part of any marketing strategy. It helps create a cohesive look and feel across all of your branding materials. Custom display box are the perfect place to create a unifying theme. Utilize text, images, and design elements to create a box that reflects your brand’s overall look and feel.

Now that you have an idea of how to transform your packaging. Let’s look at some popular examples of packaging styles that can help give you a wonderful starting point. 

Clear Display Boxes

Clear display boxes help to create an immediate connection with your products. Because they are clear, customers can see the product inside and get a good sense of it. Furthermore, it helps increase purchase intent and helps them understand what the product is before they even buy it.

Embossed Display Boxes

These display packaging boxes carry a sense of luxury and quality. Using embossing to create interesting textured designs is the perfect way to communicate that feeling to customers. This style of display packaging lends itself well to high-end products like cosmetics, where it can help connect the customers with your brand.

Display Boxes With Finishing Coats

Finishing coats are a popular way to finish off the packaging. They can be used to highlight different elements of your brand, whether that is colour or texture. Combining finishing coats with embossed designs creates stunning display boxes that reflect the quality of your product in an understated fashion.

Frameable Display Boxes 

These custom display boxes are designed to be hung on a wall and displayed as art. They can be used to highlight special products or seasonal collections. The frameable design allows you to use them as part of your decor, tying your branding together in a cohesive way.

In Conclusion

We covered different display boxes that are popular among different types of brands. You should now have a good understanding of which type of box is right for you and how to use it to enhance your branding. Remember, the most important thing is to tell your brand story interestingly and engagingly to persuade customers to buy your products.

Packaging Bee can help you do that. We offer various customization options that help you make your display boxes unique and reflective of your brand. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help you stand out from the competition.

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